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Voice From Above (IC thread)

[[Please see OOC thread for details on characters needed!]]

Lily Travers
Age - 25

Lily Travers woke with a queasy feeling gripping her stomach, the room spinning gently around her. Looking up at the blank white ceiling she frowned as she couldn’t remember how she got there. Trying to move she felt her breath quicken and started to panic as she couldn’t move her wrists freely. On jerking herself into a sitting position Lily realised her wrists wore hard plastic shackles, in turn attached to a thick nylon rope which disappeared into a hole in the wall. She could pull the rope a little way, enough to pull her hands in front of her if she scooted close to the wall but if she wanted to go further forward her hands yanked back behind her.

Looking around in fright, Lily saw she was sat in a large white room which itself was divided into a few smaller ‘cells’ by thick but transparent plastic walls jutting out of the main walls as if to divide it like a pie. It all looked very scientific, as if she were a rat in some sort of lab but Lily couldn’t place where on earth she might be, or why she’d found herself there. In her ‘segment’ there was only an office chair and a large box by way of furniture but, with a start, Lily realised from a movement nearby that there was another person in each segment of the room and the others only just seemed to be waking too. As she saw one was her own boyfriend she jumped enthusiastically to the plastic divider nearest to her, calling out to him.

“Are you ok? Do you know where we are?” she asked desperately.
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Time Walker
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Chuck E"Cheese" Preston-

The bus stops and Chuck stands and walks to the front of the bus. He turns and looks at the driver. "Thanks for the ride, buddy! The driver simply nods and give him a half smile. "Sure." Chuck climbs down the stairs using the steel rail as a guide, The doors are open and he steps out on to the sidewalk.

Chuck looks down the sidewalk and sees no one either to the right or left. He takes a few steps forward. He hears the bus door close behind him. No one else gets off the bus. In a few seconds the bus motor belches out a plum of smoke and pulls away and is soon out of sight.

He is alone. After 2 years in the lockup he is alone. A new sence of cocern sweeps over him. He can not go back to hims old life of crime. That would send him back to the "bighouse". He had been warned next time it would be 5-10 down state. He moves over to a bench and sits. He had two days till he had to meet with his PO. He needed a place to stay. He had a few dollars so getting something to eat was not a problem.

It is about 1 pm and Chuck is thinking about getting some lunck, Several busses had stopped but no one had gotten off. The busses had waited for a few seconds and when Chuck had not moved they closed threir doors and roared off. Afew minutes after the down town buss left the stop a black van stops and the cargo door flies open. A man in a black hoodie sticks a gun in his face. "Get in!"

Chuck stands but makes no move toward the van. The hooded man reaches out and pulls Chuck in to the van. Chuck is thrown to the floor of the van. And the door slams shut. Suddenly the van pulls away. Chuck lays on the corgo deck as the van moves through traffic. He feels a sting in his arm and the lights go out.
He smiles, he looks, he ran his fingers through her hair, she was beauty, not of our time, but the past.

A pirate life, that's what I want, oh to be on the sea, and hear the cannons roar!

You know you have it good. When the best ass on the beach is only half as good as what you have at home!

Once I sat by the sea, lived on a river, saw the main line of commerce, dwelling in a valley far from home.
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