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Rising in the Ranks (Closed to Thestoryteller217)

Guinevere stared at the glassy finish of her nails as her mother spoke softly about marrying some Duke. He was a short statured man old enough to be her father with a gut bigger than a pregnant maiden's belly. She had absolutely no interest in remaining at her status nor did she care about the silly little Duke and his tiny little manor. Gwen had her sights set on something much more grand and worthy of her station. So it was with much of her pushing and shoving that she forced her parents to give her exactly what she wanted. Her regiment including throwing her feet onto the table, being impolite at dinner and cavorting about the manor in nothing but her petticoat.

So it was to her parents horror that they were forced to send there one and only daughter to etiquette school at the King's Castle. Unbeknownst to either of them, it was exactly what Gwen wanted. With ease she had her ladies pack away her finest gowns and she herself picked out the sweetest smelling perfumes and the finest jewelry she could find. When it was all done and the ladies had gone from her chamber to leave her rest, Gwen picked out a few more sultry things to complete her plan in the dead of night.

Like many Guinevere didn't need etiquette school. She was a fine girl with great manners and pristine lineage. The unfortunate thing was that she was born at a status that was unworthy of her grace. Gwen no longer wanted to be some simple Duchess. She wanted the crowned jewels to light her skin and radiate her brilliant glow over all the land. She wanted the Prince. So in order for him to notice her she would have to use all her charm and wit, the kind that none of the other fair maidens had simply because they were all virtuous and sweet.

Gwen knew the world inside out and she was a very smart girl. While she was no whore, she knew that the key to a man's heart was in between her legs and she made sure that she was well prepared to seduce and entrance anyone whom she fancied. She was wanted and pawed at for her looks. Her fine silken golden locks, bright, but deep blue eyes. Her sumptuous lips and voluptuous curves were hard to ignore against her fair skin and slender body. She would have a fair shot at the prince if her parents weren't so focused on marrying her off to some stupid duke.

So she had to take matters into her own hands. She knew very well that the etiquette school had nothing to do with etiquette at all. The Prince like she was of marrying age. The King set up the school in order to weed out the poor and unworthy. Any who could afford would be the wealthy and the noble. Under one roof the Prince could examine them and take for his choosing. Guinevere was quick to take the opportunity and by morning she was at the castle.

As she stepped through the doors her cream colored gown glittered in the sunlight. Her lithe and little hands were clothed in white gloves and upon her lips was the deepest shade of red lipstick. She looked sweet and innocent, something about her fair beauty was alluring and mysterious. She ignored the few glares that the other noble girls were giving her and proceeded on her way in marveling at the place that she could call home.

just a charming southern belle lost in the big western world
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