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Meeting "Master"

Lily was 18 years old, stood 5'2" barefoot and had a round, curvy figure, with long black hair and brown eyes.

She put on the knee high boots with 5" heels. She had on a tight black minidress that clung to the round curves of her tits and ass. She wore a lacy black g string and a matching bra. It was exactly what he had ordered her to wear.

After months of chatting online, she was going to see the man she had been calling Master for the first time. At least, he would see her. He had told her where the party was going to be, told her what to wear, told her to be there. He would see her and then he would decide.

She took a taxi to the house, a big place up in the hills, and there was a big man at the door who asked who had invited her. She turned and saw the taxi had already gone, and then she said, "My Master told me to come."

"You're in the right place," the big man grinned, and opened the door for her.
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Tom Kain, A high end CEO stood upon the balcony of his mountainside Manor overlooking the deep valley below. The evening full moon, the mist rising from the river gave the place an eerie feeling a perfect setting for the party of slave meeting their masters. Several masters roamed around the manor talking with each other mingling with the slaves, enjoying the entertainment offered by the host Tom Kain. He wasn’t interested in mingling with the others at the moment he was waiting for his own slave to come. He looked down at his watch, turned toward the door and smiled when it opened just a few seconds before it was suppose to.

His steel colored orbs took in the beauty that he has been talking to for the past few months. He was pleased and excited for she looked even more astonishing then he anticipated. His mouth watered as his desire instantly rose up several levels, something that always occurred when they meet online. His gaze moved up an down her form, taking in the well developed tits. How he was going to enjoy this evening.

He looked at himself in the hallway mirror, his short salt and pepper hair was in place, his mustache was combed and well trimmed. His silk Gevoni Suit was pressed correctly, the silk shirt’s G-line was straight and neatly tucked in. He looked good according to several compliments from the incoming slaves of earlier meetings.

He watched her walk around looking at everyone. He could tell she was nervous as she moved around the large mansion. He followed her from behind admiring all that she offered to show. He nodded at service Waitress to assist her with a drink and offering of a snack. He waited and watched her with growing desire and lust ..
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