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Apparently the social media is infested with Bots that try interact with humans!

Not that it makes any difference to me but I thought I'd mention it to those who frequent social media.

Now why would a Bot want to interact with humans you ask? Apparently to 'reinforce a meme', or to 'shape the debate' or to confuse the susceptible.

Of course behind every Bot is a very clever programmer getting paid, I hope in blowjobs.

Truthy at U Indiana has tools to help you
find out if that guy with clever repartee on Twitter is really into you or just pulling your clit for fun.

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Like the posts I get on my blog telling me what a fine writer I am, and how interesting my posts are? Yeah, they were marginally clever, for about a millisecond.

There's also the 'this week's stories feature...' malarkey on Twitter which many seem to fall for.
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