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Batman and Black Widow (Closed for Zydrate)

It was earlier then he was usually out, the sun was just now touching the horizon and he’d already been in position for close to an hour. But since he owned the building he was now crouched on the roof of he wasn’t really worried about unexpected visitors. What he was worried about (or perhaps concerned would be a better word) was the attack he’d heard was planned on the building he was now watching, namely the Russian embassy in Gotham. What kind of attack he wasn’t sure…assassination and bombing topped his list, but burglary or a hostage scenario were also possibilities. All he’d heard from his snitch was that something was going to go down tonight, but he hadn’t seen anything unusual so far, but the reception was about to kick off. One which Bruce Wayne had of course been invited to but would arrive ‘fashionably’ late. He would have skipped it entirely except for the tip and if it wasn’t a large scale attack (which he’d be able to determine shortly) he’d be better equipped to stop it from the inside. ‘Another half an hour’ he thought. ‘Then it’ll be time for Bruce Wayne to put in an appearance.’
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