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Run Forrest! RUN!
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Originally Posted by Ishmael View Post
Time for my biennial union(s) rant.

First of all, all public sector unions should be immediately decertified and disbanded. They serve no useful public purpose.

The balance fall into two categories, useful and useless.

In the 'useful' category are most of the construction trades unions, although my list is not exclusively limited to same. Masters are tested and work to an expected level of responsibility, as do journeymen and apprentices. When you contract for these various levels of tradesmen you are fairly well assured that you are going to get an individual that will work to the expected level of expertise and output. I include the United Mine Workers in this group because although many of their work assignment procedures actually fall into the 'useless' group, they have been instrumental in laws and regulations regarding mine safety. And mining is arguably one of the most dangerous jobs that an individual can undertake. The Pilots Union also falls into this category.

Among the 'useless' unions list fall organizations like the UAW where the most senior members actually are engaged in the most mind numbing, menial, tasks. Tasks with no particular responsibility or elevated skill set. Most manufacturing unions (not all, but most) fall into this category. All clerical unions as well. At one time these unions did serve some purpose, particularly in regard to workplace safety, like the UMW, but those issues have been addressed by federal law and regulation (OSHA). They've outlived any useful purpose. And in case the members of the 'useless' unions haven't noticed, owners are replacing them with technology as fast as is practicable.

Government is now expected to control workplace safety and to pick up the bill for training (education).

The redundancy is an expense to the American people, a tax increase, in effect.
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We are in for it now.
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Originally Posted by FloridaSmoothie View Post
One hundred years ago unions may have served a need, as working conditions were not good at many companies. But since, working conditions have improved dramatically and the legal framework to keep them so has been built by government.

Nonetheless, why somebody would want to work, then or now, in conditions they do not like is beyond me. Instead of striking, quit. Get another job, start your own business, whatever. I have never been one to tell the company for which I work to change their ways to suit me. How arrogant!
I don't know what to say to you.

I first thoughts are that you may not be very old, or very experienced in the work place.

May luck stay with you and happiness be friendly to you!
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They ignore God and deify man.

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rosco rathbone
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Originally Posted by fgarvb1 View Post
Never had one.

I am a turncoat Democrat as in twenty-first century Republican.

The Democratic party took a hard left turn in the nineteen eighties an I could not Abide it.
I was just kidding.

There's always been a wink and a nod between the GOP and certain unions like mine and probably yours. They talk anti-union talk, but on the sly they're really saying "it's ok, YOU guys are alright, your union is ok with us, it's the teachers/municipal bus drivers/auto workers/etc we're going after. THEY'RE the ones messing up the free market and private enterprise".

The problem is now, the party is run by hardcore ideologues and corporate footmen who loathe any and all unions. Trade unions, construction, first responders, police, skilled trades, service, manufacturing, public, makes no difference.

We need another party.
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Michigan to become Right-to-Work state - kicking the UAW to the curb. About time.
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Well, here's a fine example of Union Workers. Your car was probably built by people who smoke weed and get drunk during their lunch break parking lot parties. UAW at its' finest in how the bailout money is being abused: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX7KlUgdCDk
Grant me fast winds in which to sail by; for I have every intention of going into harm's way.

I've recently decided I'm loyal to my country and it's Constitution; not the government. I'm very open to PMs on any blogs/groups that engage in peaceful resolutions to problems we have with US Federal, State, and local governments that violate the rights of US citizens. At this time, I don't know how or where to start, but am willing to help start a blog/website.

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