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Forbidden love at Clarksville High

Setting the sean:
This SRP is loosely based on a real life experience from long ago. When I was a senior in high school I was taking an English class from a new teacher. She looked to be in her 20’s, married, good looking, seemed to flirt a bit, but mostly was gnuinely friendly with students. A few of us guys started gossiping about her...and most of that was not anything that she’d like to hear! Guy gossip about how good she would be in bed, does she take head, etc…

Anyway, on the last day of class for the semester she shows up to class wearing a halter top and a very short skirt! We guys were all bewildered! Then at the end of class, while we were all filing out of the classroom, she asked me to stay and help her with something. She asked me to carry some heavy boxes to her car (but for this SRP it would be the storage room in the basement).

This would basically be a ‘forbidden love story’. Boy discovers true love with a lady ten years older, and a lady, with a dull marriage, finds someone more exciting and caring. They run the risk of being discovered.

Hells Fury will play the part of Mrs. Lockhart.
Sail Away plays the part of Brad.

Others are welcome too as supporting roles, but please PM Sail Away first.

Brad is a popular senior in high school. 6’ 3”, blond, Caption of the swim team, good grades, university bound on an athletic scholarship, good looking and popular with the girls. What else could a strapping young man what!?

This SRP opens when Brad and Clair are in the back seat of his car in a secluded ‘lover’s lane’ outside of town. Clair is a cheerleader, very good looking and spoiled! Brad and Clair are in the mist of heated love making. Clair’s blouse is opened exposing her full breasts and her sort skirt is pulled up to her mid-section. She is on her back in the back seat of the car with her lags griped around Brad. Brad is thrusting into his latest conquest with vigor!

Groans and squeals come from Clair. Her face contorts in sexual stress. Brad is thrusting his respectable cock in the girl’s pussy. As usual he bottoms out with each thrust, and Clair squeals and grunts with each thrust. The breathing is hot and heavy, the air stile from sweat and the smell of bodily fluids. Then Clair starts to scream uncontrollably as she cums. Brad slows down and pulls out and Clair, without hesitation reaches for his cock and strokes it to climax. It would appear that she has done this many times before. Brad sprays his cum on her pussy. Then they both try to catch their breath.

But, to Brad, something seems to be missing. Most guys in school would kill to fuck Clair Johnson. But for Brad, this seems…without substance. Brad knows that Clair will be bragging to her girlfriends tomorrow at school that she fucked the team swim caption, and Brad’s friends will be expecting a full report as well. Yes…something was missing…

The next day at school Brad was changing into his street close in the boy’s gym locker-room after swim practice. John, Brad’s best friend, walks in and immediately smiles and says to Brad in a sly tone, “Dude…how’d it go!” Brad tries to down play things. In a quiet tone Brad says, “Hey…do you really need to know who and how I go out with every day!?” John responds in smug tone, “YES! I do!” And he smiles and waits for a reply that doesn’t come. John seems to sense from Brad that things didn’t go that well and changes his tack. “So…dude…when you gona fuck ‘Mrs. Pussy’?” That’s our ‘nick name’ for Mrs. Lockhart. “She likes you, you know.”, John continued. Brad just looked at John, but he also knew that there might be an air of truth to what his friend said. Mrs. Lockhart did seem to give Brad ‘the look’ sometimes in class. Brad closed his locker and mumbled to his friend, “Don’t worry about that.”

Mrs. Lockhart’s English class is the last class of the day and Brad and John were in that class. The two walked across campus talking about school work and the swim meet that was coming up over the weekend.
Brad and John nonchalantly walked into Mrs. Lockhart’s English class and took their seats. Brad was fumbling with his books when he looked up and…

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