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The Thief's Punsihment [Open]

Place: Estate of Duke Marcus Tremont
Date: March 23, 1823
Time: 12:28 a.m.

Alexis St. James eased in a booted foot through the stained glass window. She was dress in britches, a black tunic and a corseted bodice with her boots and gloves. Her long brown hair was in a braid that hung to her waist. Her vibrant golden eyes lit up as she made her way towards Tremont's rooms. For the past few years, Lex had been relieving some of England's rich and snobbish of their valuables. It was quite a strange choice for a young lady of worth like herself but she was a thrill seeker, a hellion in her own right.

There wasn't a man in the country that could tame her. Her father thought he could control her, tell her how to run her own life. Lex wasn't ungrateful for everything he had done for her but she had to be herself. Being caged would kill her spirit completely. Mostly she dispersed her ill-gotten gains to some of the poorer people in her employ. Mrs. Potts was able to send her granddaughter to a fine school thanks to Lex's backing. Of course no one knew that it was her that had stolen the money for the child.

You will marry Tremont and settle down. There will come a day when your headstrong ways will get you into a situation from which you cannot escape. Believe me when I say this is for your own good.

Her anger flared anew as she remembered her father's words. The contract for their marriage had been made in secret and against her wishes. Lex was determined to get away with one of Tremont's most valuable possessions; a ruby necklace that had been in his family for years. It was typically worn by the new duchess the night of her wedding. It was some kind of old tradition that his family held up. The locks on the rooms were well made but Lex had been doing this for years. She stood from her crouched position and walked very slowly to the case where the necklace lay.

The gold setting and large stones would fetch a handsome price when she took it to be sold in London. The proceeds could in fact pay for the repairs to the home of Mary Kitcher. The fire had left her and her three homeless. It was a devastating blow since the poor woman had lost her husband the summer before to a bad fever. The local doctor had refused to help him because the family was too poor to pay his fees. Lex had learned of the situation when it was too late but she would not let them suffer in the cold.

Carefully she unhooked the small satchel she had hanging from her belt and opened it. She lifted the necklace carefully, trying not to make any noise and slipped it into the small bag. Lex smiled to herself. That cocky Marcus Tremont would be steaming through his ears once he knew that his precious family heirloom was gone. Her glee was interrupted when she felt a strong hand wrap around her braid and tug her head back. The satchel fell to the floor and Lex came face to face with the man in question.

What do we have here?

She was in big trouble.
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