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A private party? (looking for well written perverted gentleman)

Kaitlyn had been a shy but precocious child, and while her formative years had seasoned her, it had not dampened her curiosity or shyness. The oldest of three children, her brother and sister were MUCH younger than her and were still in early elementary school. Her brother favored more after her father with and even darker mediterranean complexion while her sisters features were much more Germanic tending toward their mothers side. Kaitlyn, for her part, was a near carbon copy of her mother with the same small elven like build and Swedish blond hair.

Her parents were educated and successful. Her father was an accountant and her mother a former teacher who had benefitted handsomely from the sale of the family business with the passing of her parents. Both quite attractive, they had settled on the edge of the toney suburb Red Oak south of Dallas in a community in the rolling hills of large homes set on enormous 5 acre private lots. Their lot backing up to a golf course that had once been exclusive, but had fallen on hard times due to the economy and drought and had closed.

It was a Thursday night that Kaitlyn had accompanied her much younger brother and sister over to house of family friends, who lived in the next subdivision over, on the other side of the now closed golf course. They were the parents of 2 children, who matched the age of her brother and sister and were merely acquaintances from PTA, nothing more. But the parents had taken turns watching kids for the night for vacations and what not, and Kaitlyn's parents were hosting a small private party and simply didn't want to disturb the children on a school night.

Dinner consisted of Chickfila and salad, finishing up some assorted homework, and the little ones off to bed by 8. It was 9 when the parents retired and Kaitlyn read till nearly 10. But she had peeked at her mothers little cocktail dress and wondered about the small private party taking place across what was now a meadow ...
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how about a crass educated one?

Her curiosity won out. Donning a simple dress in muted tones. She started towards the door. Halfway there she saw her reflection in one of the many large mirrors around the house. And realized 'this wasn't proper for public gatherings' and headed back to her room. She grabbed a light shawl that could help to conceal the deep neckline and the fact that she filled out this dress a lot more than she had when she tried it on in the store.

With one more glance at herself she decided to change out of her shoes and replace them with her favorite strappy sandals. She hesitated one more time. She hadn't put on any make up. NO, there was no time. It was nearly 10:45 and she had to get up early in the morning. An idea struck. She ran to her bathroom sink. Pulled out her hair tie, and thrust her hands under the running water.

Yes, that looked good enough. Everyone was used to seeing her with her hair in a ponytail or up in a bun or just piled on her head. "Wow..." she thought. It's gotten a lot longer. Shaking herself, and shaking out her long wavy hair in the process, she said, "It's now or never."

She was making her way across the green of hole 10. Wait no, its just a meadow now. There were sounds that she could make out. Music. Laughter. Voices. Something else as well. Was that a moan?....

The shadow in front of her stopped all other thoughts. She immediately forced her eyes down and took a step back. As her eyes adjusted she saw work boots, dirty jeans, and some worn out wording on a faded t-shirt. Her forward progress was again halted by a voice.

"You don't look like you should be here sweetheart." It was not a deep voice really. Not like James Earl Jones. But husky, with a rasp and that might have been actual concern. "Let me walk you home."

Her eyes once again, were on her toes. She was undecided.
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