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The Neighbor's Son(Open For A Female)

Bryce Flint had a perfect life. He was a senior at the local high school,the captain and the quarterback of the varsity football team and he never had a problem getting the sexiest girls. Part of this was because of his appearance. Six foot one, with dark blue eyes, short brown hair, and a lean swimmers body, he was pure eye candy.

The other part... well you had to look lower to see that. He had noticed that about when he hit middle school and was taking showers in the locker room that he was quite a bit bigger. In fact he was lot bigger then most of the other guys. By the time he started having sex, there was a various amount of responses he got from women. Some were startled, some had even went out with him just to see if the rumors were true, and hell there was a minority of them that were just plain frightened by the thought of the enormous piece of meat, intimidated by the fact that it would stretch them out. Some even would only end up giving Bryce a handjob, not even attempting to take a ride on his freakish asset.

Bryce lived with his parents in a really nice neighborhood,It was full with rich people and Bryce loved living there as the wives were really hot.Most of them didn't work and spent their husbands money on shopping and on theirselves.

Bryce decided to go for a run around the neighborhood.He put on his basketball short and nothing on top as he liked showing off his rock hard chest and six pack abs.He left his house and started jogging around the neighborhood,checking out sexy housewives.
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