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Lightbulb Sexual imiation

A young girl of at eighteen, at least, discovers her best friend's secret life at home: she's fucking with her father and/or older brother (or both). She had always wondered by she didn't go out with any of the boys at school and seemed happy to remain single among her group of friends and peers who had boyfriends of their own or wished that they get the kind of attention from boys' her friend gets. Her BFF confides in her that she plans on remaining home with her father and have his babies as well as be her older brother's mistress. Since she was in the know, her friend's father and/or brother didn't bother hiding their feelings towards each other like kisses on the lips, gropes, her friend sitting on her father's lap like a woman in love or lust. They acted more like a couple in love than a father-daughter or brother-sister.

Inspired by her best friend's relationship, she now seeks the same thing with the males of her family and vows to feel their cocks inside of her cunt and fuck her into impregnation, starting with her father.
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