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Let's talk about mother/daughter sex, shall we? Yum!

If one is inclined to be excited by mother/son sex, mother/daughter sex probably will excite as well.
I think I was first pornographically introduced to the idea by an old adult paperback novel entitled Daddy's Little Virgin which contained a story of a whole family going at it, including a chapter devoted to mom and her daughter. Remember those paperbacks? They were popular among immigrant communities as they helped people more quickly learn to read English. I am not kidding. I swiped some of them from immigrant relatives.
Anyway, the next time I was saw the idea acted out in porn was the golden age porn movie A Man And His Maid, based on the porn Victorian novel.
The subject came up in the incest digests that proliferated on newsstands in the 1980s.
There are a number of wonderful mother/daughter sex epics to be found on literotica.com, and just as it is good to find a good writer who specializes in mother/son sex, so is it good to find writers who do well with mothers and daughters who go down on each other.
I notice that while the porn video industry is still shy about mother/son situations, mother/daughter videos have been a quick growth market, with various quality production companies releasing successful franchises on this subject, though much of these franchises use the cover of step relations or another MILF's daughter. The success of the Mother Daughter Exchange Club got the ball rolling. Mommy's Girl is a lot of fun. There are others.
One of my favorite "mom" actresses in this subject is Elexis Monroe because her look and manner has a mature mom sensibility. Alexis Faux is good as well, despite the plastic boobs. Rebecca Bardoux has had her moments.
I am particularly fond of stories where daughters instigate matters by putting the moves on mom. It is an art form for mom actresses to play well the initially strong moral resistance to eventual lust driven capitulation to their daughters' sexual advances
So that is me. How about you? Does the thought of mothers and daughters having sex with each other turn you on?
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