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Bro/sis RP

Looking for a partner on yahoo/msn to role play my sister. Bro/sis is my favorite, but I am also game for mother/son aunt/nephew or cousin rp. Reply back with your scenario. There are a few I listed below that I have never played... but feel free to suggest one.

1) One sibling is inducted into a cult and the first task of any new recruit is to display their devotion. What better way to do that than to bring your sibling into the fold, either as a new member or as the sexual property of the entire organization?

2) Maybe something where you are dared to seduce any guy your friends pick out, and this friend happens to (unknowingly or otherwise) pick the your little brother (me).

3) A radical militant faction that opposes the government in a war torn age. One day, some captives are brought in as "plunder" and the members of the faction are allowed to do as they please with them. It just so happens that one faction member and one captive are siblings.

4) You are an aspiring inventor, you discover/invent something (a pill or a device that could control people... ect..) And you use a sibling as a free test subject.
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