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The Dream and the Wolf (Closed)

(This is a story based on the Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I don't own the series or the original idea.)

Another chilly New Orleans's night. People walking around, oblivious to the things that go bump in the night. Oblivious to the creatures that walk along them. They saw the things they did but never really knew these gods, demigods, and demons. There was a time when the humans worshiped and honored them. Days dedicated to the Gods. Offerings given for peace and to persuaded them to whatever cause. There was a time... a long time ago.

Elysia Zurlo tugged her light sweater tight, curling her arms around her chest to hold in warmth. Dark brown hair snapping against the wind. She was far under dressed for this climate. But, when you're randomly yanked out of a dream and tossed into the real world you hardly have time to grab a coat. Damn those Oneroi, why can't they just leave her in peace?

Because you broke the rules by feeling and now you're not one of them?

Oh, right.

She was once a good guy. She protected the humans while the dreamed. Then that went to hell. Because of some idiot who thought it would be fun to play a joke on Zeus, their emotions were taken away. They didn't feel happiness. They didn't feel sad. They didn't feel... anything. Zeus wasn't one to be fucked with. But, the joke was on him because his 'curse' was waning. Each day passing, more Dream-Hunters were feeling. It was bound to happen. After all, it has been centuries.

Elysia didn't slowly regaining those emotions like the others were. Hers just came flooding back a few months ago. All because of a man she met in a dream. So vivid. So bright. It was perfect dream. It was what happened in the dream that brought her feelings back. But, that was another story entirely. It was he who made her a Skoti.

Her radiant blue eyes, a color most Dream-Hunters held, scanned the streets. People passing by, they all seemed so content with their lives. So happy without the knowledge of who she really was, who was really walking with them. She didn't know jack about the area other than there was a safe haven somewhere near by. At least, that's what she had heard. Other mystical beings have spoken of it. The Sanctuary. It had to be around here somewhere.

If she could find it, she could be safe from those who follow her. At least for the time being. Until she had to leave or they decided to come in.

Where could a two thousand and some year old demi-goddess really be safe when she was wanted by others? A daughter of Mist, hunted by her own brothers and sisters.

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