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I'm having a hard time finding the story I am thinking of...

Ok, so I need some help here. I am looking for a story that I read quite a while ago. I am actually not even sure it was from this site but I'm hoping that any of your memories are better than mine..

It was a shemale/ts/tg/etc. story about a husband who was married to a wife. The wife definitely "wore the pants" in the relationship, oftentimes their sex life revolved around her using a strapon on him, etc. The premise of the story was that the wife found out about this center that was able to change men into women using extensive drug treatments and the like over a few months. She really wanted him to go through with it. When the husband came out of the procedure all that time later, he was stunning (naturally).

They lived their life for a bit until the supporting character makes an appearance. A younger, attractive man comes to their house to repair something. He is not able to discern that she was not born a woman and starts hitting on her. One thing leads to another and then they start getting intimate. He finds her cock but doesn't seem to mind as he bends her over the counter. Over time, the TG woman falls in love with this man and ends up leaving her wife for him.

The story continues about their life and all that. My memory is hazy of the story, but it had to be good for me to remember this from so long ago. I have tried countless Google searches to no avail. Help?
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