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BootynJewels (closed)

Hey, welcome to my life. My name is Julie West and I live...well, a double life.

It started a while back, just a few months ago in fact, when I first decided that it wasn't wrong to talk to complete strangers over the internet. Yeah, I know that I was a bit late to the party; I was eighteen years old, just finished graduating high school and only now I decided that it was okay to talk to people that my parents didn't know. It's a bit ridiculous, but that's just the way that I was raised; stay out of trouble, don't mingle with boys and don't stay out too late (late being 7PM by my parents standards).

Sure, I got attention at school. Boys liked me, sure, but I never gave them the light of day. So then, I'm not sure why I felt so...excited when I got the first pervy comment on a live streaming of me playing some Grand Theft Auto.

"Take off your pants sexy!"

One thing led to another, and I found myself constantly playing video games in underwear and the like. Then, after that, I'd succumb to some of the comments and just twerk it for all their eyes to see. Needless to say that my channel got popular enough that I had to stick with the username BootynJewels. Yes, I know - it's clever. Of course, I wasn't about to risk my parents knowing that their daughter was shaking her ass and tits to a camera right under their noses, so I did my best to cover myself; I always wore fake glasses, a red hat, fake tattoos and a thong. It was part of my persona.

Everything was fine.

Well, up until one day when I received a private message from my channel.
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There had been something about that BootynJewels when I first stumbled across her livefeed, something that I just couldn't place. But she had hooked me from the get-go, regardless. Those crooked glasses and goofy hats, and that smoking hot body. I had been the one that had encouraged her, of course, to show off that fine ass, and I was always leading the lewdness every time she streamed.

After all, she wasn't exactly a video-game prodigy. Most eleven-year-old kids could do better than her. But she was very easy on the eyes. Too easy, it seemed.

Still, there was something about her that I couldn't quite place, until the day she said something on the feed and it all just clicked. Whatever she said, and I don't even really remember, fed a memory from high school, brought it to the forefront. It was probably more in the way she said it than anything. But I knew immediately, in spite of her disguise, that BootynJewels was, in fact, Julie West. I had tutored her in math when she was a freshman in high school, and I was a senior. I had wanted her like crazy back then, but her parents were always hovering during our tutoring sessions, and frankly, a chubby nerd like me didn't have a chance with a smoking hot babe like Julie.

Back then I had perved on her hard, of course. And seeing her now, it was even worse, especially knowing that I had encouraged her to show off quite a bit of her body on her now-quite-popular feed. I wanted her. I needed to fuck her, finally, after all these years.

I sent her a very simple, short private message through her feed.

"We need to have ourselves a little party on our own "
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