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OOC: Star Trek Unity Planning Thread (Closed)

Commanding Officer: Captain Vessa Sune, Cameloid
Executive Officer: Commander Ark Lee, Human Male, Late 20s
Chief Operations Officer: Lieutenant Anura Soong, Android
Chief of Security: Ensign Enri T'Vore, Human-Vulcan Hybrid, Female
Chief of Security (suspended): Lt. Commander Rav Aelru Wa'tron (aka RAW), Caitain
Tactical Officer: Ensign Saito, Female Human?
Chief Engineer: Lt. Commander Malik Sho Vega, Male Pahkwa-thanh
Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Caitwyn Valaise, Human
Head Nurse: Tilly, Xalian
Chief Science Officer:
Assistant Science Officer: Ensign Nimi Vos, Illurian
Chief Morale Officer:
Ship's Counselor: Doctor Izari Sesha, Betazoid
Counselor's Assistant: To Be Named Andorian Female
Squadron Leader of Unity's Peregrine Fighters: Chief Petty Officer Xels, Orion Female

Earth Ambassador: Alexander Turnov, Human
Bartender: Nall, Aenar Female
Captain of the Lady Luck: Captain Tomas Quinn, Trill
Co-pilot of the Lady Luck: Unnamed female
Deckhand aboard the Lady Luck: Mint

Subcommander D'Ral Tal'Aura, Romulan
Earth Ambassador: Alexander Turnov, Human

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