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I dream, therefore I am
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Norse mythos stories anyone?

I've tried using the Search function, but it kept turning out duds, so I guess I'll ask you guys.

Can someone suggest a good Viking themed/Norse Gods and Goddess saga here?
My stories in case you are interested. Offbeat, unconventional and just a bit dark. Just a bit, I swear

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Loki and Thor are played by two gorgeous guys in the recent Marvel movies (Thor, Avengers) and there is plenty of erotic fanfiction about that version of the Norse pantheon at various fanfiction archives around the internet.
I was wondering why I was having trouble getting inspired to continue an erotic story I've been working on. Then I noticed my shampoo bottle said: "Herbal Essences Drama Clean: I'm so good I'll put clean thoughts in your head!" And I thought well, clearly I need to get some new shampoo if this one's washing away all my nice dirty thoughts!
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I know two viking stories, but they are gay male.

These be my stories, if you be interested!

Most are gay male, though I have two that are straight, and one that is a How to.

I tend to go for the darker stuff... But people seem to like it okay!
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