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Innocence And The Facets Of Demons (closed for Miss ViVi and I)

As has been noted, ViVi and I love to have our work read...but no audience participation please. ViVi bites in unpleasant ways.

January was not a prude.

A prude says "I want. This is bad." and puts it in a box, locked away, deep inside some dark, secret place.

January was not that.

She was full of want, but pushed it aside for later. "I will indulge you when it is time. Now is not then."

She'd grown up in classic small-town New England. Very small-town. Nothing to do but drink and fuck small-town.

And Janny had things she wanted in her life, things that might conflict with drinking and fucking. College was the first. And since her family didn't exactly have money, she needed scholarships, financial aid, and part-time jobs. These things were, as best she could tell, incompatable with her town's version of fun.

If she'd had any doubt, then her sophomore year at Oakenville High, when not one, not two, but three of her classmates got pregnant, that doubt vanished even faster than Lisa McCarthy (who, the rumor goes, had a back-alley abortion, had gotten sick from it, and had to go to the psych ward. So the rumor goes.).

This was also the first, and last, year she'd kissed a boy. But enough of that.
That was going to have to wait.


So went her Mantra.

Until she discovered that college wasn't the final goal, the be all and end all. It wasn't that college was hard. January was more than smart. She was inspired. In the computer science department, she was seen as almost a prodigy. And in a department where almost all the students were male, that caused its own problems. So she worked twice as hard, needed to do everything perfectly, and took heavy course loads just to make sure she took every class offered by a female professor or even grad student. She hated the "boy's club" in CS, and was determined to help make a space for other girls, with the women on the faculty.

And while that meant not being a party animal, and, sadly, pushing her deeper needs aside, again, she had no interest in being an ascetic. She had friends, went to parties, actually had fun. It took almost a semester before the people on her floor realized that she barely drank, and never hooked up. But by that point, it was just a source of humor, a running gag shared by friends.

She wasn't worried about getting pregnant, anymore. She'd learned enough to avoid that. But she couldn't allow herself the distractions she saw other girls fall into. And so when boys hit on her, she brushed them aside, gently. When girls tried to seduce her, she smiled, blushed, and made them feel beautiful while saying 'no thank you'.

From time to time.
Deep in the night.
Her body writhed.
Her nails clawed at the sheets.
She sweat.

"No, no, no. I am not getting my lip pierced. I am absolutely not."

"Janny, it doesn't hurt, much, and its sexy as fuck to have someone pull on it with their teeth!"

"I am hurt you don't find me 'sexy as fuck' as I am, Mims. Especially given how much time I spend trying to look pretty for you."

Mims laughed and slipped her arm into January's.

"I know, I know. My pretty Old Maid to be. What am I to do with you?"
"Bite me. I'm just prioritizing."

They walked through the Dead Mall. It wasn't really called that, of course, but whenever two malls exist in a town, there's always the Good One, and the Dead One that just hasn't had the good sense to close up yet.

In this particular case, though, the Dead Mall had become a haven for strange little shops and stands and tattoo/piercing parlors. Hence the discussion at hand.

"I don't think getting laid will interfere with your classes. Well, unless you are doing it right."

"Did I ever tell you about how many kids got knocked up in my high school?"

"Yes. Many times. Which isn't relevant since you know how to avoid that."

"And how many girls end up tossing away a semester or two because of boyfriends and 'twoo wuv'?"

"Did I mention love? Not once. I'm talking about sex," Mims leaned in to whisper, "I'm talking about fucking."

January hated how the girl could get her whole body responding sometimes.
Hated how she could manage to call up the things she kept pushed aside.
January felt the blush coming to her cheeks, but through an act of iron will, kept it from appearing. Mims was a fantastic room-mate, but Janny was beginning to think the girl knew her too well and was enjoying this too much.

"I'm going to kill you, you know. You'll make me snap and then BANG!"

"Nah, more like 3 years from now when someone puts cheese on your hamburger."

"I hate cheeseburgers."

They giggled and suddenly were skipping to some music only they heard, until the two came along one of the little curio shops that the Dead Mall attracted.

"Oh, thats beautiful!" Mims pointed in awe at the pendent under the glass display.

January had to agree. The stone was something like jade, but a different kind of green. Almost milky dark in the center. A dark that matched the ornate clips that held the stone in its setting.

"It's something a storybook princess would wear," Mims said.

"No. It's what the evil queen would wear."

"No. The princess. But it's cursed."


Dark and strange and magical. But more importantly.


January couldn't look away from it.

And she had so few indulgences.

"Mine. Mine. Mine."

Mims giggled, "It'll look fantastic on you!"

A moment later, Mims was slipping it around January's neck, hair up, fumbling with the clasp for a moment.

Neither girl could take their eyes off it, as they looked in the mirror.

Mims whispered in January's ear, her fingers playing along the chain, jewel, skin beneath.

"I'm jealous."

"I know."
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Miss Behave
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It would appear to be like any other necklace, only it wasn't.

Meridiana had failed against the last owner, and the one before that. It was disheartening, that is, if Meri had a heart. Humans were fickle creatures, and she hated them. Her last owner had been a man of deep perversions, and though Meri had indulged him, given that the Catholic church forgave those who repented on their death bed, this one, too had escaped the grip of hell only to walk free in heaven. He, was an asshole, but she felt that heaven deserved such fuckery if they were going to allow such late game changes.

Meridiana knew the whole thing was a sham. Still, she couldn't quit the game. Charged with hunting down her owners, and corrupt them, it was supposed to be easy, and she had several wins and several losses on her record. A record she couldn't see for she was trapped in the very rubies of the necklace. However, if Meri had counted it right, she needed one more soul, then she'd be free of this whole God/Devil, evil/good penis infested mess that she'd been part of for the better part of a millennia.

So she waited for another human, at which point the necklace would attach to the heart of her new owner and she'd be free to taunt, tease, hunt, and seduce whomever her home was attached to.

At night at least.

Meridiana hated the rules.
She could only lie.
She could only be free at night, and only when her necklace had attached to flesh.
Taking her prey, er owner to hell was permitted, but only in the higher levels, and only then, could they remember it as a dream.
She couldn't reveal that there was actually heaven/hell, but only because that would interfere with free will (Meri particularly enjoyed this last one, often convincing the clergy and their whores that neither place existed, she was a part of the old pagan god's rites and they should worship them instead. Eerily, this ploy had worked approximately 500 times, especially in the Dark ages).

The succubus sighed.
Waiting was no fun.

Suddenly she felt warmth. The warmth of a strong heart. Vainly, she looked up wanting to see who now wore her. But only the ruby flashed back at her.

Another sigh.
At least tonight would be fun.

"She was perfect, pure maddening sex, and she knew it, and she played on it, dripped it, and allowed you to suffer for it.
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January's fingers kept finding their way to the stone the busride back. Wandering the intricate facets, the almost-spiderlike talons that gripped the gem, the spot where the chain attached to the pendent, without any marks, as if it simply hung there. It seemed to warm against her skin.

And the way it was reflected in Mims' eyes was wonderful, and made her feel beautiful with it.

"Uh, is there something in my teeth?" Mims asked.

"What? No, no I can just see the color in your eyes. Its pretty."

"Don't flirt with me unless you mean it," Mims poked her side.

"No, I wasn't, I mean.."

"OH MY GOD! You are blushing!" the girl giggled loudly, making heads of the passengers, other college students mostly, turn, many smiling knowingly.

"I am not. Slut."


"So, I'm very torn, Jans."

Mims was slowly spinning around their dorm room, a playful thing she did while choosing outfits for nights out. She'd said the randomness was art.

"Over whether or not to wear matching heels?"

"I've already decided on that. No, I mean about you. I'm not sure I should ask you to come out with us tonight. I'm not sure you are ready."

"Oh come on. We've gone clubbing before."

"Yes, I know, i know. But I'm not sure I've been right in bringing you out into the big yummy world."

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh, you know, I worry about alllllll that temptation put in front of you. Finals are coming up, and you might crack or something. And you've been...whatcha call it...preening in front of the mirror all day with that necklace."

"Its pretty! But no, I'm not going to crack."

"Not even tease?"

"Maybe tease. I feel good. But I'm still your favorite prude, and you get all my cast-offs."

"True. True. I just don't want to be the source of you finally getting some. Its a big responsibility."

"You must be joking."

"Not at all. I think you might go out just to show off your new present and that you might end up getting into trouble. Just sayin'..."

"Y'know, I'm awake a lot when you are asleep..."

"OK, fine. Fine. But you'll be wearing your new toy. AND NO JEANS! If we are taking you along, you gotta look good. Or else I'm going Lolita just to embaras you."

"Nono! I even got these nude fishnets! You can dress me if you must."


"Oh dear god, what have I done?"

"I might Lolita anyhow."

"Curse you!"
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The heartbeat of her intended victim beat louder. Harder. Surrounded and filled all of her senses till Meri thought she would vibrate into oblivion.

Then her shackles were released.

A peek out of the ruby that caged her. She bounced over the chest of a beautiful girl. Young.
Sweet smelling youth.

Freedom and all it's implications, she sunk her jeweled claws into her victim. That necklace wasn't going anywhere.

Freedom to slide out of the ruby and twist around the ear of her intended. To laugh lightly in the girl's ear, to tease her vision with illusions of tall, taut, beauties wrapping themselves around her body. To make her feel wanted and lusted after.

It was only the beginning.

"She was perfect, pure maddening sex, and she knew it, and she played on it, dripped it, and allowed you to suffer for it.
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A night out

"Yeah, no, don't even think of bringing anyone home. You belong to me, bitch!" Mims joked as the both admired January in the mirror. Ankle boots, bustier, unbuttoned blouse, and a just-short-enough-to-sit-in skirt that went with the aforementioned nude fishnets perfectly.
January was, for all intents and purposes, dressed to kill. And the stone of her necklace rested perfectly between her breasts, pushed up as they were in the bustier.
"Flirt. You know I won't bring anyone home but you."
"Yeah, but you don't put out!"

The moment they got to the door of the club, Mims friends pounced upon them. The general opinion was that January should dress up more often, and that she should hand over the necklace to whomever was looking at it at that moment. She blushed, more than a little pleased with herself.
Inside, the music was perfect. Alternating between light, fun hip-hop, and darker, almost emo and primal rhythms. January found herself dancing more, and more freely than normal. Boys moved up close to her, but inevitably got too touchy, earning them slaps on the hand, and a cold stare.
"OK, ok, if you are just gonna tease, then I guess we better form up around you," Maddy joked, but the girls did all circle around January, which was just fine by her.
She put her arms loosely around Maddy's neck, with a teasing smile.
"Hey, so long as I have someone to dance with, what do I care?"
"Dyke!" came the giggled response, along with the movement of hips and the scent of alcohol tinged breath. Both Maddy's and January's.
The four girls passed her around like a favorite toy, their hands, from time to time, roaming, but safely so, as far as January was concerned. They knew the deal.
As the evening went on, she found herself having lost count of her drinks. She should have cared, but she didn't. Maybe it was time to relax at least a little bit.
At one point, she could have sworn she heard Mims whisper into the ear of another girl 'mine'. January brushed it off as imagination, or just play.
Until later.
The girls had drifted just a bit away, leaving January and Mims, body to body. Mims delicate fingers moved to play with the stone around her neck, accidentally brushing the skin just about January's cleavage. Her lips parted just a bit at the touch, eyelids dropping slightly. She felt a hand at the small of her back, and then lips and hot breath caresing her ear.
"You're so beautiful, January, god you are."
The words brought fire to January's skin, and made her mouth go dry.
Fingers gripped the stone, the chain, holding her like a leash and collar. She felt possessed. And all of it spun around her like chaos and whirlpools and then lips on her neck made everything shrink away to that one touch that contact.
She sobbed with want...need...delight...fear...and pain as she pushed away from her friend and staggered off to the ladies room as quickly as her confused legs could carry her.

The bathroom had a small lounge, which allowed January to collapse on a loveseat. Mims was there a moment later.
"Oh god, Jans, I'm so sorry, I am, I'm an idiot. I know I was wrong, I shouldn't have gone that far. I just...just...I like you so much. You are the best friend I've ever had and you are so beautiful and smart and sometimes its hard to keep back. I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me."
It took January a moment to realize her friend was crying.
"Mims, sweetie, its ok, it is,"she held her friend close,"Its ok. Its human and its my fault I shouldn't get like this, I know, I know."
Words that barely made sense, broken by sobs of sorry and its ok, as they held each other, and made it all better.
January was hiding something. Guilt. She felt guilty, not for any accidental teasing of the girls, or her friend. Not for making her friend feel this way.
She felt guilt because she felt exactly the same way as Mims did.
And could not allow herself to show it.
She felt the guilt of betrayal.
She was choosing her own, selfish needs over those of her friend, over those that she desperately wanted to give in to.
The pain was physical as they sat there, bringing themselves back together.

In time, it all passed, the night ended, and two friends slept.
Though one, fitfully.
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Miss Behave
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The playground of lovers, of wishes, dreams, plans and scary things that went bump in the night and woke their dreamers with a gasp. These insubstantial places brought substance to a demon who lived for the dreams of her intended.

In this case, this girl, on this night she dreamed of her friend. Of pretty caresses, soft words and even softer sighs. Of mumbled words of love and the yearnings of a young girl brought to fruition.

"Oh Mims..."

Meri smiled the same smile as a cat who has caught the mouse smiles, that of the predator, who can smell the blood of it's victim.

"January, please...please.." Meri inhabited the much lusted for friend, giving into temptation and lust, her own lips forming the words that her intended wanted to hear...
...holding her close...whispering words of want and desire
...kissing those...wanton red lips...
...delighting in the give of innocence for which this felt shocking...
"Don't go," Meri whispered in Mim's voice, "Stay with me, dance with me."

A thought later and they were in each other's arms...
...dancing to some invisible, but present orchestra....
curling and twirling around each other...
finding grasping, and pulling at flared hips,
pouting lips and hair that shades them from the public that January knows is there...
But Meri tucks her hair away and turns her to face that audience... laughing in her ear...
how beautiful she is... how beautiful her lust is...
...how real it is...
and then they kiss... a moment which catches them both by surprise.
Even the demon is not prepared for the it.
Millenia behind her and the lust of girls manages to catch her off guard.

The dream lasts a minute and a year.
It lives in the back of January's mind.

Now is not the time for words or images of demons who haunt dreams and flaunt nightmares, now is the hour for snares and traps and sweet little kisses that even send the demon to bed at sunrise with soft smiles over sharp teeth.

"She was perfect, pure maddening sex, and she knew it, and she played on it, dripped it, and allowed you to suffer for it.
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January spent a long time waking up, feeling the beautiful dreamworld slipping further and further away from her, almost bringing her to tears.

Her eyes finally opened, even as the lost images still tickled her mind.

She felt her heart racing, her breath coming in deep, needful lungfuls.

She listened to both rhythms, and then to the tiny snoring sound coming from the bed above.


What had happened last night?

And where did that end and the dreams begin?

She knew she loved the girl, was she in love with her?

If she was, what could she do?

It wasn't that she wasn't gay, it was tossing away all her sacrifice over the years.

She rolled quietly out of bed, embarrassed that she was still dressed in last nights clothes.

Standing there, she watched her friend sleep.

Images flashed through her mind again, making her want to crawl under the covers with her, or just kiss her, or even just touch fingertips to fingertips.

She felt herself begin to sweat.

Tearing herself away, she pealed off her slept-in clothes.

Her panties were soaked.

She'd been aroused before, of course, but it had never been like this.

She felt the damp material between her fingers, then brought a finger to the tip of her tongue.

That was when she noticed, in the palm of her hand, there was an imprint, matching her new necklace, as if she'd been gripping it all night.

She whimpered softly, and suddenly without thinking, buried her face in the wet silk.

"My god...is that me? I smell...I taste...beautiful," her thoughts raced in circles.
She grabbed her robe and half-staggered on weak knees to the dorm bathroom.
It was still very early, so she was the only one in the showers.

The hot water struck her skin like a slap, her body still so on fire, still so aware and on edge. She bit her lip to stifle a moan at the sensation.

"Is that what sex is like? Were we making love? Fucking? If it is, why does anyone do anything else?"

And that was the easiest part. Handling the confusion over need and body and flesh.But, mixed with the emotions of the dreams, of Mims, it was almost too much for the girl to bear.

She struggled through the cleaning ritual, trying to avoid any more contact that absolutely necessary.

Back at the room, she stood in her closet.

She ached to be beautiful for Mims.

She was terrified of even being a girl.

She wanted something to hide in.

She wanted to be gorgeous.

Fear won, and she pulled on simple sweats.

But still, she painted her fingers and toes a bright red with sparkles.

An hour later, January was huddled under her blankets, trying to hide from the world.

Mims had woken up, and barely said two words to her.

Actually, she'd said six.
And after getting dressed, "I'm going to go study."

January had simply collapsed, suddenly hollow inside.

She'd hurt Mims.

She'd done something wrong.

None of it meant anything.

It was just booze.

Mims would never talk to her again.

She should just die.

Each thought emptied her out a little bit more.

She didn't want to die.

She just wanted to curl up under a rock somewhere, in some barren place and wait for cold winds to strip her raw.

So she did what she had always done, hid where she had always hid, she opened a book, and studied. This time, of course, her plans for the future we not the bright, hopeful things they'd been. They were just things to get through.

She tried not to pay attention to the tiny droplets of water that began to stain her book.

She tried to keep her hands from shaking as she turned the pages.

She tried to ignore the knocking on her door from people wondering if she was OK.

Hours passed.

Hunger came and went.

Finally, alone, still, in the dark, she lay under the covers.

She had left her safe place, and disaster had struck.

She'd hide again.

It wouldn't be so bad.

If only the pages would stop getting so wet.
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Miss Behave
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The pain curled up and around Meri's being, stroked at her, soothed her, wound it self around her own heart and found a home there.
The pain of young girls is so sweet, so sharp and filling.
Meri curled the tendrils of her necklace deeper into the heart of the one who carried her.
Each night it would grow, and wind, and twist harder, till the girl and metal were one and each inescapable of the other.
Meri, then would dance in her blood, poisoning it against any other, against itself, and the slow descent into madness and death and the path to heaven would be lost.
She liked that part the best.
The dance.
In her intended's blood.
Breathe it in, drink it in, dance her dance of death, and laugh.

Another night. She swept into her intended's mind and played there once more. Delighting in taking Mim's from her in more ways than she could stop.

Listening to the girl scream in horror time and time again from the horror of watching her friend and lover's broken body once more,
it fell,
it burned,
it dropped,
it was broken, so broken.
Always in the end, laid out bare for the girl to scream over.

Over and over, Meri took the love from the young girl and drank in her anguish. She heard the girl cries in her dreams. In her nightmares, and in the room that she shared.

Meri wouldn't be a demon if she didn't at least take a little pleasure in it.
She took a lot.
Perhaps too much.

As the morning light dawned, Meri, drunk on anguish, climbed into her jewel heavily, and wondered if January would actually wake up.

"She was perfect, pure maddening sex, and she knew it, and she played on it, dripped it, and allowed you to suffer for it.
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Torture is what we do to ourselves in the name of others.

Cold sweats.

January had heard the term before, but had never experienced them.

Not outside of a fever, at least.

But a night of things too horrible, too real, to be called nightmares...her best friend...the girl who had claimed, discarded, broken her heart...dying again and again...

Cold sweats.

And guilt.

January was hurting, angry, deeply, deeply sad. But did she truly want these things to happen to Mims? What kind of person was she?
It wasn't her.
It was some part of her, to be sure, but not the real her.
It was simply her Id, run wild.
That was not her.

But maybe it didn't matter.
January rolled over, and saw Mims' bed hadn't been slept in.

January's mind simply went blank, coming to again in the shower.
And vanishing.
Coming to again, in her room, cleaned perfectly, a princess without her...princess.

She tried to put on lipstick.
She tried to be pretty.
Just in case.
Just in case.
Just in case.
But her hands shook too much.

A three classes, half-hearted trips to the library, and a dozen hours later, she was staring in the mirror again.

"Go out," she ordered herself.
"There is no reason for you to be like this. She doesn't want you. She's left you. You are not this girl," she paused,"But you are the girl talking to herself in the mirror. Go out. Dancing. Do it. Do it."

She repeated this, with variations, for 15 minutes.

Finally, she reached for the blood red lipstick with steady hands.

She poured herself into obscenely tight jeans.

She barely covered herself with a black, silk cami.

She perched on stillettos that matched her lips.

She went.

The club was perfect.
A hint of incense.
The scent mixing with sweat and alcohol and two dozen perfumes that seeped into her head and made her dizzy.
A girl scented with oranges was talking with her.
Was touching her hand.
Was touching her necklace.
Was breathing on her neck.
Was asking things from her.
Was offering things to her.
Was begging for her.

January's eyes had been closed too long.

She opened them.

There, in the crowd, she saw Mims.
Dancing with a girl.
Then kissing.
Climbing her.
Pulling her hair as she moved against her thigh.
January thought she could hear her friend moaning.
Thought she could smell her need.


She didn't know she'd said it out loud.

She just knew that she was suddenly next to the couple, and yanking the two apart.

She knew that she recognized neither of the girls.
And the shocked look on their faces turned quickly to something darker.
The color of the gem reflected in their eyes.
Fingernails touched her neck.

And she was running.

3am in the middle of the week, even a dorm is quiet.

January walked back and forth, the long hallway and the stacatto rhythm of her heels, trying to clear her head with the rhythm, trying to figure out what had happened. What was happening. To her.

Nothing in her life had prepared her for this.

Nothing had prepared her for need, for loss, for this utter lack of self.

Opening the door to her room only made it worse.
Mims was in bed.
Exposed, but not undressed.
A woman, a real woman, an adult woman, was in there with her.
Not making love to her.
Fucking her.
Plunging something into her, something she wore, again and again.
Harder and harder.
January had frozen in the doorway.
Could feel what was happening more than see it.
Mims was grunting with each thrust.
Her legs were wrapped tightly around the woman, obviously pulling her in, again and again, harder and harder.
Neither one of them noticed the ray of florescent light coming through the crack in the door.
January knew neither one of them would care if they did.
Mims' back began to arch.
Her grunts became pants, whimpers, moans.
Her head fell back.
January had never seen a girl in orgasm before.
But she knew.
And Mims saw her.
Eyes filled with fire.
Eyes that rolled back into her head, turning white.
As she came.
In silence.

January watched until almost too late.
Until the moment of orgasm almost broke, almost vanished.
But before then, she somehow managed to get herself into bed, to hide inder the sheets, to hide herself from everything about the night.

"Who...should I go?" whispered a strange voice.

There was a long, long pause.

"No. Stay." whispered a familiar one.
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Miss Behave
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Without even trying Meri found the dreams of her intended to be tortured. There was no effort to be made here. The girl tossed about in her sheets like she was trying to escape their and sleep's tangled hold on her.

Meri went to her then.
Not to make it worse.
To make it better.

Cooing at her intended.
Bringing her heart to a calm pace.
Her heart was such a mess.
She cradled and loved and caressed this girl.

Not as Mims.
But as Meri.
Her friend.
Her new imaginary friend.
Who came when pain fills her heart and tries to drown her in panic.

"Breathe my sweet love.
It will get so much better. I'm here for you now. I will never leave you. I love you so much. Shh... I know. I know how it hurts.

Meri swam and slithered through January's veins tightening her hold on the girl's heart.

"Shh.. I understand. My heart will always be yours. I will never leave you. I will always need you. Shh, my girl. Breathe and know that I am with you for always."

And when the sun rose in the sky and the alarm blared itself alive, Meri left her beloved with one little whisper.

"I love you..."

"She was perfect, pure maddening sex, and she knew it, and she played on it, dripped it, and allowed you to suffer for it.
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