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Food for thought


What is really terrible about this, besides the obvious, is that Uganda's Catholic Bishops support this law, are lobbying for it, and despite the fact that in 2009 the Vatican said a bill like this violates church teachings on the dignity of gay people, they are neither saying nor doing anything to try and prevent this bill from being passed. The church routinely threatens clergy and bishops who are 'not in accordance' with church teachings, but it seems when it comes to gays it doesn't matter. It is why so much of what the church says about not hating gays and so forth is so much bilgewater, because when push comes to shove, as with the Jews in Europe during WWII, they don't back up their words with actions because frankly they don't care. I have to be honest, I hear from Catholics how wonderful their local church is, how they are very welcoming, don't follow the party line, yet they remain silent when their church leaders are accesories to a horror like this. And yes, folks, this is deliberate, Uganda is heavily Catholic, they are by far the majority faith in the country, and the vatican won't clamp down because they don't want to 'lose' Uganda over the issues of gays, even if they start actively putting gays in jail and killing them, it is the usual story, politics over morality.

And please, please, don't site postings from 2009 when the vatican spoke out against a similar law, and saying 'see, they are against this', when they have their own Bishops in the country promoting this and they are doing nothing to silence them or force them to denounce the law, it shows where they stand. It is kind of like priestly abuse, they have rules on reporting abuse, yet when Bishops have been found in violation of the law, including being convicted in court, the church has done nothing to those charged, like the Bishop of Kansas City.
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