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Thumbs down Katrina kaif Fucked - Sex Story

Katrina kaif Fucked - Sex Story

When she originally took the film "Singh is King," Katrina Kaif could

never have imagined that this would be the movie that thrust her from little seen films into

the limelight of Bollywood stardom. She thought it might do relatively well but didn't expect it to

be the massive box office success it was. Thankfully, she'd had the foresight to agree to a possible

sequel, which was in the works only weeks after the film's release.

Katrina was happy with the movie so far, especially the way her character was given much

more of an action-oriented slant than the shy girl from the first film. And she got to show a

little more sensuality in this film too, which would definitely help raise her star a little. Not that

she hadn't shown a little skin before but that was before anyone knew who the hell she was.Like in the previous movie,this

movie had a song sequence in Egypt.

For the moment, Katrina had decided to put aside all thoughts of shooting, of stunt work

and special effects and the rest and just try to enjoy the sights of Egypt. While she was nowhere

near the expert she played in the films, she did have to admire the beauty of the ancient land and

how it seemed to attract so many visitors.

Most of those visitors were packed into the small bazar not too far from her hotel where

Katina was enjoying a day of shopping. It was a bit more crowded than she would have liked but

still very nice, the stalls offering a large selection of trinkets, a bit overpriced but still intriguing

and worth a look. But frankly, she preferred a shop that was a bit more traditional, leading her to

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It's against forum rules to post advertisements for other sites.

That being said, if this is a sample of what one might find on that site, I wouldn't expect to get many visitors.
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This forum is not for advertising.

In the event that you are a writer seeking exposure, please submit your stories through the site's moderators by signing up here: http://www.literotica.com/stories/signup.php

In the event that you're a spammer, keep it up. You'll be rewarded as you deserve.
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