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Smallville - Kara's Story (open)

The continuous cold downpour matches your mood and your task at hand this evening as you fly around the city in your latest observation assignment. You donít understand it, Kal-El can pretty much do anything you can yet for some reason he remains grounded Ė whatís keeping him from taking to the skies as you do. It would be a welcome relief if only he could share the burden of these observe and report missions with you. Reports of unusual disturbances suggest thereís a renegade Kryptonian somewhere in this city but how are you supposed to cover the whole expanse by yourself?

As you look down at the dingy city below you canít help but think how pointless this all isÖ you are to fly around aimlessly while looking for signs of the Kryptonian Ė yet youíre not allowed to take any actions if you do find anything out of the ordinary. With your cousin still unable to fly, you are more capable than any member of your team, yet they still treat you like a little girl. Well you are tired of being little Kara Zor-El. You are Supergirl Ė a fully mature woman in your own right, itís about time they recognized that. Screw observe and report, if you take care of the situation on your own, your team will be forced to respect your contributions. With those thoughts in mind you continue your dreary task of canvasing the industrial portions of the city. Suddenly, you happen to catch a strange green glint out of the corner of your eye and veer off to investigate.

Soaring down towards the last location you sighted the glint you find yourself in a rundown industrial zone of the city. Hovering in place as you scan your surroundings, you fail to notice a cloaked figure in the alleyway to your left.

He looks up admiring your lean taunt form as you effortlessly glide from building to building using your x-ray vision to fully catalog their inhabitants. Your angelic face, high delicate cheekbones, crystal clear blue eyes, luscious full red lips, all framed by a light mane of golden blonde hair is now a mask of concentration. Your uniform hugs your slender form, the constant rain making it stick to your body accentuating each and every sexy curve while your skirt and cape lightly ripple as you silently move through the air.

Taken as a whole, your face and body are so breathtakingly innocent yet exude so much eroticism at the same time. He looks up longingly and wonders if the beautiful flying creature, a perfect embodiment of the feminine form was the Kryptonian he was sent to eliminate... such a shame.

Gradually he makes his presence known, moving slowly into your peripheral view. You quickly take notice and gracefully twirl your body around in midair to face him as your brow creases at a sharp disdainful angle. Annoyed at being taken by surprise you swoop down towards him to investigate just as he casts aside his cloak and his chest unleashes a massive beam of deadly green energy that fully engulfs your body as it blasts you backwards, sending you flying head over heels through the side of a building.

Little remains of the brick wall as he steps inside, warily eyeing your limp form in the pile of smoldering rubble, he contemplates how he should finish you off. Looking down, he quickly changes his mind as he drinks in your near nakedness. The smoking remnants of your uniform only serve to accentuate your lush young body as you lie there splayed out and unconscious. He quickly gathers up your lovely limp form and slings you over his shoulder as you start to recover from the massive blast wave. You slowly come to realize your predicament and start to kick uselessly. His eyes flare green in annoyance as he swats your now near naked ass as a reminder of who is in charge. His momentary flare up causes your body to shudder in weakness as your eyes roll back and you pass out for good this time, your last panicked thoughts are of what lurid things he had in store for you.

[[Hi, looking for a female counterpart to play the role of Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) in the setting of the Smallville TV series. Encyclopedic knowledge of the series is not necessary; I just chose the setting because the powers of the heroes are vastly toned down, providing a more realistic world to play in (as opposed to the over the top possibilities of the normal DC world). Looking for someone that would enjoy playing the part of a brash, immature, hot tempered, but ultimately submissive Supergirl. It would be great if I can write with someone comfortable with the ebb and flow of a storyline to fight when the situation calls for it but still able to submit when she runs out of options. Please PM if you have questions.]]
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