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Trite and Tired Expressions

As a writer, feel pressured to find a fresher way of writing these (or, flip side, feel free to use them to help show individual character quirks); as an editor, feel free to roll your eyes when you see them (except when used purposely in dialogue):

are desirous of
are in receipt of
as a result of
at an early date
at the present time
at this point in time
at this time
beneficial aspects
by means of
comes into conflict
consider favorabley
despite the fact that
due to the fact that
during the course of
effect an improvement
for the most part
for the purpose of
for the reason that
give consideration to
have a need for
impact (used as a verb, for anything other than a car hitting a wall)
in agreement with
in a timely manner
in close proximity to
in large measure
in order for
in order that
in the absence of
in the course of
in the event that
in the very near future
in view of the fact that
it is recommended that consideration be given to
make the assumption that
make a determination of
make an adjustment in
make provision for
notin a position to
on a continuous basis
on the occasion of
pursuant to our agreement
take action
take appropriate measures
take into consideration
the extent to which
to a large extent
to be congnizant of
to the fullest possible extent
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Agreed, but surely crisper writing (creative or non-creative) is demanded by bosses or editors?

Just a word in defense of the tired and limp. For years, companies have created a stencil for customer agents to 'cut and paste' replies to clients but are just so slow in updating. For instance, if you keep the archaic 'in receipt of', you pretty well dictate the simple present 'are'. If you encourage the present perfect - 'we have received' you end up with too many auxiliary verbs - '... and have sent it to the appropriate department'.

'Impact' has been a verb (transitive and intransitive) since the 17th century - the same origin as 'impinge'.

'The changes are not expected to impact the company's employees' (To have an effect on).

'Inflation has impacted on retail spending.'
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