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Seeking: "Rewind", a CYOA time replay adventure

I am still working on the details, but here is what I have so far:
  • This is a 1x1 CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) style role play (for the most part), as described further below.
  • Your Character has the ability to "rewind" time, essentially "time traveling" back in time.
  • There are limitations and repurcussions, but you will discover these as the role progresses.
  • As far as characters, locations, eras, etc., I am open to discussion.
The CYOA portion:
  • My posts will be relatively short. They will include:
    • "The Situation": Just what it sounds like. The situation your character currently finds him/herself in.
    • "The Options": Your characters options for proceeding (and posting). Often, these options will include limits on how far ahead (seconds, minutes, hours, etc.) that you can post ahead.
    • "Notes": Certains descriptions or facts you may want or need.
  • The majority of your posts should be relatively short. Sometimes they will be a few words or a couple of lines.
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