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Erotica Writer looking to expand - Help appreciated

I have done over 1000! pages of erotic writing for clients here and there but I feel I have tapped my current pool of potential clients (places like deviant art and criags list) and I was hoping for some help on where I should go to scare up more business. I do this as a part-time job, mostly for fun, but I would like to make it into my full living and quit my... horrible job.

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Right then so your a professional, most here do it for fun

Suggest you do a Google and search for Erotic Story Web sites you may find a few sites that will pay.

I assume that you write for Men magazines, of which there are a few around?
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Well you don't get paid here.

I'd google erotica publishers, or look at a site like Amazon or AllRomanceEbooks and see what you can find publisher-wise. And there's always self-publishing.
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Well... One start would be to have some contact details (as in personal messaging enabled) here so that people who want to offer or suggest something to you without publicly disclosing their rl identities - can.
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You don't mention having gone the Amazon.com or Smashwords, etc. route in saying you've tried it all. If you haven't published through such an e-book service, that's usually where people start (who want to make money off the writing). If all you have is short stories, you can do anthologies. But folks are publishing pretty short standalones too.
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