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Wedding Day Blues

In need of ONE female roleplayer to play the role of the bride to be.

It was the night before the end of the world, or so it was in Vanessa's most humble opinion. She was set to be head bridesmaid of her best friend's wedding, though there was one thing troubling her. Her friend was due to marry one of the biggest jerks around and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Many a time had he hit on her behind her best friend's back and many a time had Vanessa threatened to tell her. There was only one thing stopping her, and that was the fact that her best friend loved him. They had been together for just under six months, not long enough in Vanessa's opinion, though she's always stuck by her decisions no matter what.

It was early in the evening and Vanessa wanted to spend it with her best friend and bride to be. She was staying over in the hotel room with her before the big day and just wanted to make sure she was absolutely certain over her final decision to marry the jerk. "You okay?" Vanessa, or 'Nessa' for short, made her way over towards the blushing bride and took a seat next to her on the plush leather sofa that had been part of the VIP suite package. Nessa let her hand rest upon her thigh, rubbing her soft skin slightly to relax her. They were both dressed in their PJs for the night, shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt; nice and comfy. She could tell she was becoming a nervous wreck, let any bride before their big day, though Nessa wanted to bring that up in conversation now. "You're being pretty distant with me..." She furrowed her brow, her best friend had never been so quiet before. "Everything's okay, right?" She tilted her head, perhaps with a slightly ulterior motive tonight.

There was one thing Nessa hadn't ever discussed with her best friend, and that was that she absolutely adored her, not just as a friend but something much more. She had been madly attracted to her ever since the two had met in the club one night. Nessa has always been bisexual, though she knew her friend had not. Evidently, Nessa thought the world of her friend and vice versa, only Nessa felt more.

"Big day tomorrow, huh? Feeling good?" Nessa was prying now, she couldn't help it. She wanted her best friend in the whole world to know what she was letting herself in for without hurting her. Nessa was carrying a heavy burden, though she knew it had to be lifted tonight.
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I was on pins and needles. Tomorrow was the big day any girl looks forward to all their early lives.

But it was a disaster for me.

Vanessa was there trying to comfort me and offer her support. I wondered if her support was really what I really wanted.

I took her hand in mine and kissed the back of it.

"I want a hug", I said.

"No, I want more than that. I want a kiss"

She leaned over and we kissed lightly on the lips. Not our first time, but this time i wanted more, a lot more. So I kissed her back and pressed my tongue against her tightly closed lips. I felt them slightly open, and then hers touched against mine and our tongues played until I stopped.

With our eyes locked together, I told her I loved her and wanted her to get naked and make love to me.

She gasped in surprise, but I knew she liked girls, and so did I, but I had never made love to her.

I stood and shed my clothes and stood before her, awaiting her response.
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