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How do you feel about it?
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First off....DO NOT let yourself be pressured into doing something you don't want to do...
This isn't a harmless 'Wear the feather Boa' or 'Stockings and suspenders' kind of thing...Get this wrong and it could potentially break a relationship. Ok...Thats a far out possibility...But its there.

On the other side...Yes...Its very common for us blokes to have these fantasies. I have them all the time.
But what you have to understand is that you are an equal partner in this...If you are not happy then you have to tell him. The roleplay in the bedroom is harmless as long as he knows that it STAYS in the bedroom, and you can both have some fun with it. But you are getting close to a choice...If you do it then where will it end?

Also....Side question...Are you getting anything out of this? Sometimes you have to take one for the team and all that. But Is he doing things for you? Is he indulging YOUR fantasies?

Communication is the key here. Tell him how you really feel about this. Don't let it get too far and regret not saying anything later on.
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Originally Posted by Patchouli_girl View Post
A few months ago my boyfriend admitted to me that he liked to fantasize about me being with other men. We had a very open discussion about it. He said he didn't know why it turns him on so much. He talked me into telling him about sex I've had with men before him....in great detail...esp. while we were doing it.
That turned into me pretending that he was someone else, usually someone we, or I, knew in person, e.g. my boss, or coworker, or a neighbor, or the grocery clerk. And I went along with that. Eventually that turned into doing risky things in public. He likes it when strangers catch a glimpse of me showing my breasts. I've even let strangers touch my breasts in public while my boyfriend watched.
But now he wants me to get even more serious. He wants me to meet with a guy from Craigslist and give him a blowjob in a local park at night. That's his favorite fantasy right now, and he keeps probing me to see if I'd do it. I know he thinks he really wants me to do this, but I'm worried that he might not be able to handle it if I did.

Why does this turn him on? How common is it for men to have these fantasies?
Should I do it?
You had a good amateur pic thread.

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I agree with Kalamain......in many situations fantasies are arousing because it is something that is not likely to happen. The thought of doing something out of the ordinary is a turn on. if this is something you are into also I feel it is time for the two of you to sit and have a talk, set guidelines. I would NEVER do a craigslist meet but that is just me. if I were you I would rather meet a person. you were both comfortable with a build a comfort level with that person. just my two cents .
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I never unstood this... a husband wanting his wife to have sex with another guy. The word whoreing out comes to mind... kind of says how much he respects you.

But then again the other guy might be the best fuck you ever had and he will be the one on your mind and you'll want him more every time your husband does you.
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Try to avoid craigslist... on the other hand...You sound a little ify...Skeptical. you best tell him how you feel before entering into something you'd rather not do. I love hearing about my wife's past sexual adventures... I'd luv too get her in the middle of a MFM...I've been invited in to a married cpls bed. her pleasure was total...

But, just seeing her with other men...not really. You better be open on this.. if you not comfortable...tell him.
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My husband hinted/suggested/prompted me to have sex with other guys for years - well, 12 years to be exact, until I finally acted on it. And I am so glad I did. We are now very involved with the swinger lifestyle, and our sex life is exceedingly better than what it was. All of the shy non-communication is gone. We can talk about ANY sex fantasies now.

I have asked him why it turns him on so much and he always says the same thing. "Nothing turns me on more than knowing you're enjoying sex." And so his biggest turn on is me being a dirty girl.

Sex outside of marriage is everyone's fantasy, but that doesn't mean everyone can handle it. For us, if one wants to leave the marriage because he/she found better sex elsewhere, the other will help them pack. Our marriage is not built on our sex life, alone. We also understand and accept that sex with others is almost always better than sex with a long-term partner. That's just human nature. Get over it.

He loves me and wants me to enjoy sex. I love him and want him to enjoy sex. Sex, however, is not love, so neither of us feels threatened. It's only about pleasure.

If the number of swingers is any indication, then yes, this fantasy is extremely common. Nevertheless, don't do it unless you are comfortable with the commitment between you two. And I don't advise jumping directly into the fire. Take it a step at a time and agree that "stop" can be called at anytime and it means stop. No questions asked.

You are welcome to PM me if you wish to discuss in further detail.

Good luck.
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Oh, you said "Question for the men..."

Oops! Sorry.
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It would be a better world if more of us asked our partners what they wanted, instead of trying to convince them to do something that we want. Unfortunately, getting them to open up and verbalize their desires is often difficult. Mainstream culture imposes a barrier to open expression on sexual matters by women, and at my age, I still don't know how to get around that.
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