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How Many Women Listen To...

......the Audio section? Poking around after finding it (and having a few glorious wanks ) I noticed it's mostly women posting (and thank you VERY much for that, you hawt slutty minded women!). Leaving a few feedback ratings and a short blurb about how much I enjoyed listening to themselves enjoying themselves I hope is appreciated. But there didn't seem to be near as many men posting. Is there just no demand? Or maybe the sections I'm drawn to deliberately seem to attract women sharing & men listening.
Are there many women who enjoy listening to a man's fantasy stream of consciousness as he pleasures himself, or is it a case of more women enjoying the direct contact arousal of IM's & cams?

I like to give back as much as I receive, and Lit has given me a much appreciated outlet and made me realize I was much more frustrated in life than I was admitting to myself. And I would like to give back a little of the light that Lit has shone down on me, and maybe give the idea to a few other hetero male lurkers that they can do more other than wank to stories & pics that the sexy women of Lit has graced us with.

BTW -- I wasn't sure which section to pose this question to, feel free to move.
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I'm not really sure of the reason, but if you could isolate it, I bet it would be the same reason that most of the people posting in the amateur pics section of the forum are women too.
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