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Nationalizing the Women

So I was reading this book called Setting the East Ablaze, about Soviet activity in Asia, and there was a little mention of something that I think could make for a good story.

It mentioned how in one community, the local revolutionaries apparently took advantage of the Russian Revolution to declare that the women of the town were being nationalized, and would thenceforth be held as common property, since the bourgeoisie had previously monopolized the most beautiful women for themselves.

Thought it might be an interesting set-up... Any thoughts?
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My sister has a t-shirt that says "My Feminist Marxist Dialect Brings All The Boys To The Yard" and that was what popped into my head when I read that.

It's an interesting idea, certainly, though as I understand Marxism it also advocated gender equality. But the concept has a lot of ideas. Some thoughts that occurred when I read this (brainstormed, I haven't thought any of them out):

- The women in a village/commune would have a "rotation" schedule as to when they would be with which man, since they are (ideally) to be shared equally.
- What happens when people fall in love? Is marriage a way out of the schedule as a civil matter or are wives shared also?
- How does this affect children born from this system? Are they raised by the woman alone or with the person who fathered the child or are they wards of the State?

I also thought that it could be interesting to set a story with this idea in a nation that is facing pressure from two neighboring countries with this kind of reasoning behind their revolutionary governments but with one significant difference.

In Country A, the women are communal property, and in Country B, it's the men who are communal property (as men were the primary owners and beneficiaries of the former capitalist system in the eyes of the revolutionaries. Country C is being courted by both the others to join in a Bloc with them, dignitaries/revolutionaries/representatives from Country C are entertained by envoys from both of the other nations to try and show that their system is best.

Hope these thoughts spark some ideas!
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How about the Sexual Adventures of three officers? One in charge of the bread line, the second the gasoline line, and the third the vodka line. They can have anyone they want. The men and women of the town become accustomed to their daughters coming home with a fresh fucked look but with supplies.

Two of the officers are male, one is female. Because they can have anyone they want, they have no qualms about experimenting on the bi side.

They compare notes.
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I would like a story where men are communal property. The female communal property idea has run its course.
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On a more serious note, there is a book and a movie called The Handmaids Tale. In the future, most women are sterile, so the small percentage of fertile women are wards of the state. They get assigned to a married couple and the guy shags her in a ritual until she gets knocked up. She stays with the couple until the kid is born, then is sent back to the state run convent until being assigned to another couple. I've only gotten about 100 pages in, but the sex scenes are not sexy.

When you look at instances of "communal women", if it isn't from some sort of criminal organization or sanctioned prostitution (like with the French foreign legion), then it's from a need for fertile women to reproduce. The Nazis wanted the Aryan population to explode, so there were state funded mixers for blond/blue to hook up, and blond/blue women in countries they occupied were given preferential treatment if they put out to Germans, including medical care and adoption services to quietly remove the illegitimate child.
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Hmm, if the problem they are attempting to solve is that the bourgeoisie monopolized the beautiful women, perhaps only the beautiful women are nationalized? And since Marxism calls for gender equality, so are the beautiful men.
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There's historical precedent, but it never ends well for the women involved.

The Germans did it
The Japanese did it
The Koreans did it
The Children of God cult did it
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