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How to tell if what I have is an std?

First, I will start by saying I'm scheduling an appointment with a doctor tomorrow because I need to know.

I have now had recurring bumps on my labia. Signs:
Appears during my period as a tiny bump under the skin that is super painful when touched.
After my period is grows to a bigger bump that hurts when I walk.
It never bursts, it never scabs, it's always in a different place. It doesn't seem to fit the textbook symptoms for herpes. I have read a lot about it in the last month and there are a lot of people who get cysts that seem to match what I have. But the fact that I've had sexual contact with new partners since last being tested is making me nervous.

Any experience? Any opinions? Again I'm going to the doctor i just kind of want peace of mind or something to expect or something new to research and bring with me.
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Doesn't sound like HSV. An infection, but not necessarily the "STI" kind. Maybe a partner who has some hygiene issue though.

I hope you have good news tomorrow.
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