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Unhappy I'm a noob, help


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just this guy, you know?
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story submissions usually take up to a week or so from submission date so i don't think there's an issue with your previous account.

i haven't submitted anything in years so i can't provide any insight re: how the process works these days but i'm sure someone else here has done it recently. however, i doubt a ban would have been put in place unless you're guilty of something like underage references or IP infractions.

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There is a special contest gong at the present so the time will be 5 to 7 days but since you are a new author you can add a day or two.

If you your store in the box it will show immediately. If you post a doc file (the only other excepted) it won't show but it is excepted. just click on the ok at the bottom and move along.

Also, if you hit the pending button, there is a chance of sending the submission to the back of the line again.

What was the reason given for the first stories being rejected?
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makes sense...


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Summer breeze...
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Nos and Kitty, I'm glad you were able to get the information you needed but by removing your question you remove the possibility of helping someone else.

If there's a next time, will you consider leaving your question, so others might get help too?
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