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Going To War.

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He was going to war and there wasn't anything she could do to stop him. Jessica and Tommy, like two peas in a pod, fraternal twins with a bond that no one could break. It had been both their 19th birthday's just yesterday and that's when Tommy had broken the news to her. They both lived together and had done since they started college. Tommy had told her that he had been holding off a year just knowing it would crush her heart to know he'd be away fighting a war. She had asked him to stay but Tommy had his mind set from the start.

Jessica had cried herself to sleep that night. They had never been apart before and she just couldn't bare thinking about it. Tommy had attempted to comfort her but she threw him out of her room in a fit of rage, anger and hurt. He apologized for everything, but it was too late. The morning after stung just a little bit less. Tommy was already awake at 7am, leaving her to lay in until just after 8. She managed to change out of her clothes last night and was now dressed in a baby pink wife beater and a pair of boy short panties. She didn't care for him to see her in such a way. They were still twins after all, not that it mattered to him, she thought.

When she entered into the kitchen, she stopped for a moment seeing Tommy eating his bowl of cereal. She then noticed another bowl sitting opposite it with her favorite cereal in it floating in milk. "I heard you up, I thought you could do with some of your favorite breakfast this morning." She rolled her eyes. "No thanks, I've gone off cereal. I guess you really don't know me all that well after all." She was blatantly lying, just trying to score cheap points to make herself feel better but she was doing a lousy job. I'm not hungry anyway. She swept past him in order to get to the fridge. Pulling open the door, she leaned over to grab the carton of orange juice. She took a little longer 'searching' for it, but she just didn't want to see his face for any longer than need be.

When she was finished, she found herself a glass and poured herself a drink, not bothering to ask if he wanted anything. She left the carton on the side, purposely annoying him as she knew how much of a tidy cat he was. I'm going back to my room. I've got studying to do. She knew he would be leaving in a weeks time for army training, but she just didn't want to feel hurt anymore by his decision. She'd try her hardest to brush him off without a care in the world and maybe that would change his mind; or not.

She didn't care for anything he had to say. She blanked him completely as she walked back past him and headed towards the stairs. She climbed up then two at a time, speeding up the process of getting away from him. Once she entered into her bedroom, she slammed the door shut behind her. She was replaying his words from their party over and over again. She couldn't believe he had told her at their 19th birthday party but there was no going back now, he said. Sighing softly to herself, Jessica sat herself on the edge of her bed and placed her glass of juice on the bedside table. She held her head in her hands, closing her eyes as the tears began to stroll down her soft cheeks.

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Tommy sighed. It really hurt him to see his twin sister like this, especially when he was the cause of the hurt. The decision to go off to war had been the classic Sophie's choice. Leave and tear his bond with Jess apart. Stay and he would regret not serving his country for the rest of his life.

He tidied up after breakfast and decided to go for a run, just to give Jess some space in the house. A hour later, he was back. He could hear the television from the living room. He cautiously approached.

"Jess, this isn't easy on me either. But as a marine, and with our country at war, I had no choice. We are fighting for our freedom and our future."

He grew silent. He sat down next to her and took her hand in his.

"It's only for 6 months. I'll be back before you know it."

He smiled meekly at her, but knowing it would do no good.
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