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I am a newbie here and I have a certain fantasy in mind, a plot, which I can't write myself because I have absolutely no story writing skills. The fantasy is about a 48 yo mother (lets call her Helen for now), a lawyer, very classy, prude and conservative surface, and her son (David), who both are living together in a suburbian villa. It should be written from the perspective of the mother (maybe in form of a confession) and it should be an ongoing story. There is no dad or any other person, just mother and son. Both, mother and son, are dreaming of each other with really deep and burning inner needs for years till they get closer while cuddling on the sofa in living room on a grey, cloudy november afternoon (I imagine a very slow and romantic, one step forward, two steps back inititaional breastfeeding scene). From that first incident on Helen slowly more and more turns her son into her joytoy, dominating him out of a certain sexual rage (she hasn't had any sex for at least 7 years), using him, manipulating him, making him more and more completely addicted to her, a slave, who has to serve all her needs any place and any time. I want this story to be deep and full of beauty, love and passion.
If there is a skilled author out there who feels inspired by this plot I would be happy to tell you more details by PM

I hope it is ok to post this here, if not, I am sorry!


PS: I would be very grateful for any hints to already existing stories of that theme, if they exist. Thanks a lot!

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