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Gracie moaned at the husky sound of his voice, her eyes turning towards his as she trembled with the force of the promises that he gave to her. He looked so damn sexy looming over her body and she watched as he scooted between her legs, her thighs parted wide by his body.

“Oh, Chris…” She whimpered at the idea of being licked by him. She had sucked his cock, expecting nothing in return, but this handsome man was promising her everything. “Please…”

She lifted her hips off the bed, showing him the glistening folds that had grown wet as she sucked him. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would be in a handsome man’s bed, being worshiped like a goddess. Yet, there he was, bending over her body, his lips searching for her nipples.

“Yes!” She hissed, jerking on the soft surface of the mattress as he sucked on her nipple, his lips trailing across her belly until her grabbed her hips to hold her still.

Then he started to kiss her lips, the wetness smearing across his mouth as his tongue gently slipped inside her folds to taste the sweet juice she was providing. She moaned, her hips flexing against his tongue as she moved her fingers to curl in his hair, tugging him closer to the jewel that was begging for his attention.

“More!” She whined as his tongue started to dance over her clit, teasing her with light flicks that left her needing something more. “Please, Chris. More!”
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When her fingers curled in his hair, tugging and urging him to delve into the folds of her pussy, Chris moaned as his lips pressed harder against the wetness. His cock reacted to the sensual moment, thickening with lust that was sure to come in a short while.

“More? You want more Gracie?” he half mocked her lustful whimper. “I’m sure we can give you more,” he said pushing his tongue against the jewel that was growing larger. Moving his tongue over the sensitive nub, he could hear her soft whimpers while her fingers tightened in his hair, wanting to pull his head tighter against her sex.

He was sure that if he allowed her the privilege of guiding his lips and tongue, she would keep it centered on her clit. The slippery skin of her sex felt so good against his lips and he wanted to explore more before he took her over the edge. Chris wanted to prolong this pleasure and pulled his head away only slightly and then flicked his tongue over her wet pussy, moving downward to the opening of her sex. He resisted any efforts by her to pull his head back upwards. He would certainly return to the jewel that would eventually push her over the edge but for now he explored her freely with his lips and tongue.

When his tongue pressed against the small opening he felt the tightness and thought of how good and tight it would feel when his cock penetrated her. Pushing his tongue inside like a small cock, he felt her thighs stiffen and the muscles of her cunt grabbing his tongue, squeezing it as if trying to keep it captive.

While his tongue fucked her with small jabs, he wrapped one arm around a thigh and then with two fingers, spreads open her soft lips, exposing her jewel to him. “Ohh fuck Gracie your clit looks so ready for my lips,” he whispered hoarsely. He went back to probing her pussy with his tongue as a finger found her clit and slowly rubbed it. The way her body was reacting, he could tell she was moving ever closer to climaxing.

Pulling his head back, he smiled up at her. “Are you ready Gracie? Tell me how ready you are for me to suck your clit until you are screaming.” He looked at the prize before him and as he waited for her to tell him, he blew his hot breath on her exposed clit.
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“Yes!” She hissed in response to his questions, whimpering as he pushed his tongue squarely against her throbbing clit.

The noise that left Gracie’s lips would have been considered half animal. She was mindless, panting and whimpering as he flicked his tongue over her pussy with a rapid motion until she was moaning with each breath. Her fingers curled tighter in his hair, her hips bucking against him in an attempt to get his tongue where she wanted it.

“Oh!” She groaned as his tongue slowly started to spear her pussy, her tight entrance clenching around the invasion as he slowly started to make love to her with his tongue. “Yes, baby. Right there.”

Her entire body was shaking and shivering, the scene between the both of them more erotic than anything else she’d ever known. He wanted to please her and she wanted to please him. The mutual understanding was definitely creating an intense display.

She gasped as she felt his fingers spread her lips open, her clit popping free from its hood and begging for attention. She let out a moan as he told her that her clit looked ready for his lips. She chewed on her lower lip and nodded her head, a cry of frustration leaving her lips as he started to fuck her again with his tongue, a finger stroking her clit in time.

“Chris, please!” The desperation in her voice was clear and as he smiled at her, she knew that he would give her what he wanted.

Then he was toying with her, blowing hot air upon the exposed nub as he asked her to tell him how ready she was for his lips on her clit. Couldn’t he see it in the way the little nub throbbed and her pussy dripped? Her eyes fluttered close as she tried to control herself enough to form a coherent sentence.

“I need you, Chris! I want your lips on my clit. I want to cum so bad!” She begged, nearly ready to sob if he didn’t give her what she wanted.
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