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The Novice

the last rite of passage before the beautiful young virgin becomes a nun- resisting the temptations of the flesh.

So Mother Superior arranges a male stripper to visit the convent...
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

my previous perversions are still at:

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Oh my goodness, suggesting that nuns want sex, that is an outrage.

True, as in verified through diaries but not widespread, they think, and the vatican denies vehemently so probably every place. At one time a nun was simply a high ranking man's daughter. Sometimes she is sent to a nunnery to learn servitude to god, in other words how to listen to what her husband says and agree with him. There was another reason, daughter does not like men.

In other words, depending on what you want to put, a convent is full of women who want their dad to find them a husband and get fucked hard so play with themselves while waiting. Alternately, there is a nightly orgy of lesbian sex. Which I call bullcrap because some of the nuns actually believed and wanted to follow the writings of god and only way they can serve in the church. However, there would be gals going to each others rooms for hot lesbian sex, so you still get the orgy just smaller.

Let's back up one cause I know some are wondering how exactly a lesbian daughter can stay away from getting married. Well in point of fact she could not, however running to a convent and applying to be a nun she does get leeway. In other words unless dad pays a fairly hefty fine he can't make his daughter get married to who he picks. Yes marriage at the time when we are talking royalty pretty much sucked since it was almost entirely arranged for political reasons. There are servants, and ladies in waiting however so she can still get her jollies.
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I have a variation what if a male baby is left on the doorstep of the convent the nun's raise the baby and he grows to be a strong healthy god loving man but there is a problem he has fallen in love with one of the nun's and they have a love affair.
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