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Post Ember & Shar

This is a work in progress. Fantasy love story between a Fairy and a Demon crossbreed. May be considered furry.
I have a lot more but I'm currently editing. Here's a page though, which goes with this opening image. I'll post the rest of the chapter soon. More artwork coming as well.


Ember arrived home one late morning to find Shar still asleep, curled in a snug ball as he snoozed the midday away. Ember smirked as it was not uncommon for Shar to be out late and sleep half the day away. She moved past his lumbering form, rising and falling with slow rhythmic breathing as she quietly made her way into the pantry quarter. She took her seat at the carved wooden table and rested her head against its cool smooth surface, loosing track of time as she drifted into a dream. After some time Shar began to stir and rise from his curled position, likewise waking Ember from her light nap.

Shar rose from his sleeping position and stretched as a cat would, his huge form reaching from wall to wall in their spacious tree-den.
Ember lifted her head from the table and gasped in surprise. “Oh! Shar! Your um... your thing is hanging.”
“My thing?” Shar responded with his usual telepathy.
Ember coyly covered her mouth and pointed before adverting her eyes.
“Oh! No not again.” Shar sat and hid himself between his hindquarters.
Ember slowly turned her gaze back towards him. “Again? I've never seen you... with your thing out.”
“I don't know what's happening Em. A lot of times I'll wake up now and it'll just be like this. I don't know why.” Shar tried to conceal himself more and turned his head away slightly as if ashamed.
“Oh. Well... It's alright. It's nothing really to be embarrassed about.”
“It's not? Do you know what's happening? Why this is happening?”
“Tehe! Well... just so happens I've just been taught a lot about this sorta thing lately.”
“What? From who?”
“I've been friends with a Pixy for a little while. She's been teaching me a lot about... well...”
Ember motioned towards his lower half as he sat on the floor across the room from her.
Shar glanced down to see his exposed self still concealed between his hindquarters. “This? Like what?”
“Do you know what it's for?”
“Well... I pee from it.”
Ember burst into giggles. “Oh shar. No, besides that. You're suppose to use it for mating.”
“Mating? No. I never want to make more of my kind.”
“Do you know how it's done?”
“I don't care. The fairies are right about my kind. They're evil and would burn this forest given the chance.”
Ember had a moment of silence as she reflected on his words. “So, you've never... I mean, have you ever been with someone? You know... In a private way.”
“Private way? I'm not really sure what you mean.”
“You've never had sex Shar? That's probably why your waking up with thing hanging out.”
“I can't make more of my kind Ember, and how would you know that?”
“I was told that's what happens if...”
“If what?”
“Well... if your seed isn't spilled, as it's meant to be.”
“Well this is what I was told; your body makes seed to be planted in another of your kind and that's how newbourns are made.”
Shar was in a bit of disbelief. “I've never heard of that before. Are you sure about that?”
“By what I've been told.”
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