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Talking Moms friend. (open RP)

Syrus is a Nineteen year old male with dark black hair and brown eyes he wheres glasses but only because he likes the way he looks in them. he has tatoo's that cover his muscular arms and one on his tight chest.

Syrus had the house to him self for the first time since moving in with his step mother. He was looking forward to being able to so what ever he wanted in the house. Syrus had just recently found pride in his body after being over weight most of his life. He was gouing to hang out naked all day long wich untill now was some thing he would never do. But today he was just going to hang out with his big eight and a half inch very thick cock out all day long

In his haste to get down to the living room to play videogames all day long he missed his mothers note:


I know I said I'd leave you the house for the week but....
My friend Dakota will be over today to check on you I gave her my key so she could just come in when she wanted to. BE NICE! she just got divorced.
PS. She also has a very pretty Daughter named Arwyn she's around twenty-two they might both come by so wear some thing to impress you never know

Love <3 Mom.

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