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Mom's Boyfriend

OOC: Kelly Grant. 18 year old college freshman. Long black hair. Blue eyes. 5'2" 105 pounds. Trim and athletic. 34-24-34.


When I was fifteen, the world crumbled around Mom and me. We found out my dad was having an affair. Worse, he was in love with his mistress. Without warning, he left us and ran off with her. We haven't seen him since.

Things were tough for a little while after that, but we both started rebuilding our lives.

Then Mom met a new guy. And it all went to hell again. At least for me.

She met him at work. I guess he's around her age. But he's nothing like her. He's crude and foul-mouthed. I couldn't stand him from the minute I met him.

He'd never last, I thought.

But I was wrong. Because to my shock and disbelief, Mom actually let him move in with her. She seems so happy.

She doesn't see what he's really like. I do. I've seem the way he looks at me. It makes my skin crawl.
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rp idea

I'm your dads rich friend....you live with just him and he needs money or he'll lose the house...he needs cash fast and jokes about making you do porn but he notices the look in my eye when he asked if I would pay for one night with you, we came to an agreement without telling you.
I walk through your door with your father as you are changing into your night gown. http://spurst.com/components/com_vir...e=256&fileout=
On your bed is 18 year old Yuki

When asked what I was doing in your room I put up a camera and dropped silver handcuffs an outfit, and a blind fold on your bed. I told you to get changed we have work to do.
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