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Looking for college girl to complete this role play

I'm your dads rich friend....you live with just him and he needs money or he'll lose the house...he needs cash fast and jokes about making you do porn but he notices the look in my eye when he asked if I would pay for one night with you, we came to an agreement without telling you.

That night I walk into your room and your wearing this http://www.toofastonline.com/p-13637...ace-dress.aspx

You never liked me much because you caught me checking out your friends. When asked what I was doing in your room I put up a camera and dropped silver handcuffs and panties with a zipper opening in the back of them, on your bed......

"Now put those on, get up and get dressed we have work to do. Not here, but at my studio where the others are waiting." After you finish putting on your props, I also toss down a blindfold, and say "Put this on It's a surprise, where I am taking you." After I help you put on your blindfold I gently take my hand and caress the back of your neck down to your lower back and give you a soft kiss on your neck, and whisper softly in your ear, "Tonight is going to be great." You then feel two fingers slowly creeping up the inside of your knee and on your thigh. After, I pull you in tight and you can feel the bulge in my pants against your ass. I wrap my hands around you and pick you up. I carry you outside. As the van pulls around you can hear the back door open; you are gently placed inside. Once inside you manage you to get the blindfold off and notice something strange. The back isn't full of the usual trunk necessities. Instead of a spare tire and a jack there is bottles of the most aromatic bottles of perfume, lotion, a beautiful fur coat, knee-high boots with straps up the side, and some jewelry with a sign that reads "put this on and be prepared for the night of your life. There are casual bean bags and the whole back of the van has been fitted with rugs, a television, a mini fridge stocked with vodka, whiskey and some sodas. All the windows are tinted pitch black. On top of the mini fridge there is a cinnamon apple scented candle with a lighter next to it and sign that reads "light for some extra fun". The front of the van is sealed off with black glass. After a few moments you hear the van's engine start up. A voice comes over an intercom. "Relax Ashley, have a drink. There is also some toys and reading materials of your choice in the plastic box by the fridge. The trip will be about 25 minutes then we will get started. You have a long night ahead of you dear."




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Sounds interesting I may stick around !!
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