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Game of Thrones - need help

I have written some good stories.

I am a fan of Game of Thrones as well. I have put together a detailed outline of what I believe would make a better picture story than it would an entirely textual one.

I wonder if there is someone on here who would consider partnering with me, who would take a stab at it?

I've included photos in the outline as well.

I cannot attach it here as it is in word, but I could email it if you pm me.
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I have never seen Game of Thrones, though I am sure I would like it.
How many images do you think this would entail?
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I would never want to limit the artist.

I tried to write it in terms of "Scenes" of a single page worth of action. However, if it bled into a second page worth of panels that would not be a problem to me at all.

And there are nine scenes in total that are described which range from Prince Jofrey's humiliation of Sansa Stark to the hunt for Sansa's sister etc. I think it's a rather clever little story.
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why don't u post a link to ur story .. if not yet available online email/PM me .. I won't mind!
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