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Lost and Found

It was just a scarf, but it was her special scarf, knitted by her mother while Mom had faded away due to cancer - one last gift. Leaving it behind at school was tragic. So when she went to the lost and found in the bowels of the security offices, she was desperate.

And the scarf wasn't there.

The attendant allowed that a few scarves had been claimed in the past day. He (or she?) also hinted they kept records of who claimed things, as sometimes wrongful claims were made. The guard refuses to show our gal the records, until our gal offers oral sex.

Now, knowing that three people claimed scarves, our gal goes off in search. At each stop, the person is reluctant to cooperate, so our gal offers increasingly dramatic sexual favours, ending in a threesome including anal.

but does she ever find her scarf?
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

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I think i have a more romantic twist to the story There some sort of and id thing that was sewn onto the scarf. It was found by a nice handsome young man and when he reads the id tag he returns it to the young woman. Then the story can go from their

In fact i can already see the beginning of the story unfolding in my mind.

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