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Not sure if this is really a how to, but I'm looking for opinions/encouragement, and I figured that a forum full of people interested in sex would be a good place to ask contraception.

I got my Nexplanon implant four months ago. I didn't bleed for the first three weeks despite being due, and then for about two months I had light bleeding, on and off, rarely even needed a pantyliner. That was fine, I was happy with that.

But over the last month and a half, instead of getting lighter, my periods have been getting darker and heavier and longer, I've been on this one for about three weeks and I only had about four days break after the one before that. My natural periods were heavy, and this is worse than that, and that's saying something.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had any experiences like this? Does the bleeding clear up? I've heard a lot of horror stories, but usually they're about weight gain or headaches or other sideeffects and I have had none of these. It it meant to stop your periods, and I know it can take a while, but mine aren't stopping, they're getting heavier...

Looking for advice from anybody who might've been in a similar situation with it. It's very difficult to stick with a contraceptive that at the moment is working by stopping me having sex because I'm simply bleeding too much....
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I haven't seen many people mentioning experiences with the implants in all my time here (the same goes with the shot/Depo Provera; most Litsters use the other forms of bc, it seems!), but a quick google search reveals there's tons of information elsewhere online. And, yes, it appears that heavy, prolonged bleeding seems to be a chief, terribly common complaint with this form of bc.

I'd suggest checking out the info you can find online in terms of experiences and the provider information/leaflet for the drug (drugs.com usually has a link to it) because it might give you a good idea of how common it is and what you might expect in the future. Then talk to your doctor if it's a concern because birth control should make your life easier and less worrisome, not the opposite! Personally, from what I've both experienced and read, I've come to the conclusion that we should mess with our hormones as little as possible. Semi-permanent/longer-term forms of hormonal birth control are FAR more likely to be problematic and should probably only be used as a last resort in most cases, IMO.

Anyway, I hope you find the answers you're seeking and get all of this sorted out!
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