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Lightbulb Getting back on the wagon

ORP Game rules by Ravenloft & contributors which can be found here:

PMing is allowed, single additional rule allowed by both participants.

My rule: A DM can contribute to adjust the scene, but only *after* the other RP has posted.
Lets play have some fun.


The dusty landscape of hard rock and desert filled this solitary traveller's eyes from footstep to horizon. with naught but a few prickly cacti and the hazy mirages of thirst-quenchingly blessed fresh water. Those eyes seeming today, more grey than the deepening blue of the sky above.

"Aiaiai, this just won't do." I state simply to myself, tilting my telescope-shaped cowboy hat back, and letting the fiery warm heat cascade across my stubble-ridden face.

With a roll of my shoulders I push against the back of the Conestoga wagon and stand up straight, enjoying the feel of the weight now on my feet. As I move around to the front my trusty mare glances my way, her large, distant eyes on top of a stern and unreadable face. Chuckling softly, I run my knuckles over her equine nose.

"You always know when I'm gonna ask you something selfish, don't cha girl?"

Perhaps sensibly the horse doesn't respond, instead, she pulls a goofy face.

"Good girl, Good timing too." My voice firms up while my hand dives into a pocket for a treat.
"One for you... and one for me, And if its ok with you I'm gonna rest up in the back for a while until this sun is done a beatin'".

The hinged stairs swings open outward as I unclip the latch. A peculiar creak lingers beyond, swiftly drowned out by the sound of my boots stepping up the steps. The air feels even hotter in here. Sunlight streams in through the open back and lights the white canvas cover illuminating a wholly different sight.

A woman, sitting primly on the edge of the bench. Her head crowned with a wide brimmed hat so tilted that I could not see her face. Then as the thoughts started jostling for position,
Who was she? Why was she here? Will I get to see her face? I glanced, took in the rest of her, clothes perfectly in place. A mirage, a stowaway, a hitchhiker with a hidden grace?
All I could think to say was:

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