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Wife's sexuality increasing

I've been noticing over the past few years as my wife's rounded the corner of 40, her sexual appetite has become stronger and stronger. Seems like she is constantly wanting it, and showing me lots of attention. Also of notice to me is the new things she is in to in bed that were all but absent in years past. She's gotten into toys and likes to use them and have me use them on her. 2-3 vibrators at once, and she has a few pairs of high heels she likes to do. Both heels in her together, and the pointed toe. Also working on her with my hand and during sex, she can squirt frequently and some times spectacularly. Also with the heels, she' s had both of us wear stockings and heels in bed, something that I've been wanting to do for a while. She's also had me wear her watches, and often likes me to wear one (or two, or all three) of her watches someplace else besides my wrist during sex. She likes watching me get turned on by watching her pleasure herself, and she likes sucking her own nipples.

I guess I'm lucky in that after the toys have had their go, she wants me. There may be more things she's into trying. She's told me in the past that there are things she's into trying (tho not bringing someone else into the bedroom). I've had to work hard to keep up with her; and I wonder what else I can try and what might be to come. She did call me at work to tell me she'd kissed a girl...
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Lucky guy! I sent you a pm.
Just reliving my kinky past through Lit!
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I started a thread about this a couple of weeks ago. I think you might have a lot to look forward to in the future. Fasten your seatbelt.

embracing the darkness

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Hi evoviii, splendid first post!

Given her pleasure in the toys, and thinking of where she's had you wear that watch, I reckon you could do with the best male bling there is: something really handsome and solid round your whole package, and your appetite and staying power will be more than a match for hers.

Take a look at a thread I set off [page 3 or 4 just now]: The Big O - steel cockrings as daywear.

Enjoy! The thread I mean; it is very clear that you are already enjoying your woman!

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