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My retelling of the Master PC stories

A few years ago, I came across these stories, about a computer program that can be used to alter reality:


Unfortunately, the original author stopped writing around a decade ago it seems, and most of the new stories are not as good quality or not to my taste. True to the style of fiction in the 2010s, I decided to do my own 'reboot'.

Chapters 1 - 3 are now complete and 4 is 1/3 on its way.

These first parts have been rated highly with many views, so that was encouraging, but the thing i appreciated the most was the comments. For example it was good to hear that my deviation from the original stories by limiting the power of program was well received; I was quite worried such a large change of the premise might be seen as too unfaithful to the idea of the stories.

Anyway, parts 2 and 3 got a lot less comments, which I suppose is to be expected, and the high ratings means I am doing something right, but I was hoping those of you in the story discussion community might have some criticisms you could provide, as I don't want to lose direction/keep myself along a plot that appeals to a lot of folk. I have the overarching story mostly planned out in my head, so I'm not at a loss for where to go, I just want to make sure I get there in the best possible way... If you get me!

Thanks for your help on this!
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