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Another chance

Please send me a message if you want to join me in writing this story

* * * * * * * * * *

Abigail Brewster
Age: 24
Height: 5'2", Weight: 116 lbs.
Hair: Black with purple tips
Eyes: Brown but she wears contacts to make them appear purple

Coming from an average family, to most which meant poor, Abigail never felt like she was lacking anything in her life. She knew her family didn't have everything but as her grandmother always said, if they didn't have it, they didn't need it.

And Abigail lived off that.

In school, Abigail was a perfect student, so when she was recruited to attend the Wells Academy when she had graduated high school, she was beyond shocked. It was the schools part in doing good by letting one under priviledged community member attend the prestigous college. But Abby didn't see it like that, she saw it as a chance to better herself and become successful in life.

Little did she know that the school's academics were even harsher than the other students who would talk about her behind her back. But still, Abby wasn't a quitter, she needed help so she asked for it....

Little did she know she would end up falling for Chris, her tutor...


Her eyes were red...beyond red and bloodshot, they were just a mess.

Abby hadn't stopped crying for the past few days about the breakup of her and Chris. It just couldn't be true, damnit! She and Chris were perfect for each other, they could talk to one another about everything...that was until he returned from his little mission to Africa...how the hell did things go so wrong in such a short amount of time?!

Sure they both did things they regretted but they could let the past be the past right?

No... Abby hated to admit it but she was the jealous type. Not to the point of being abusive but she just knew that everyone in Chris' circle of friends was better than her, and it was hard to get Chris to understand that... no matter what, Abby felt like an outsider.

Why didn't she fight harder for him? Why did she have to screw things up more by sleeping with Alexander? Shit, why did Alexander have to tell everyone and anyone he could that he and Abby fucked.

That was the word he used too, fucked.

Sniffling, Abby laid back in bed and picked up her phone for the umpteenth time...no missed calls from Chris, no text messages from Chris...nothing from Chris....
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Hailey Barnett
5'4 125lbs
shoulder length black hair
Light blue eyes.

‘Holy hell, if you don’t open your door, I’m gonna throw a rock through your window.’

Bright sky blue eyes stared at the screen of her phone as she waited for a text response from the heartbroken girl inside, or at very least, for the door to open. Hailey felt admittedly out of place standing in front of the door of a girl that she would hardly call a friend, but that feeling was quickly being over taken by frustration as she continued to knock without answer.

Who was Hailey exactly? Hailey Barnett was the former flame of the one and only Alexander. The very same Alexander who drove a spike through Abby and Chris’ relationship, while simultaneously cheating on his girlfriend of 8 months. Yes, Hailey was that girl, but unlike most she refused to be mad. Hell, she knew Alex was a bit of a male whore to begin with, but… well, he was fun both in his everyday life and in the bedroom, and that was most of why they lasted so long.

When she did finally find out that he cheated on her, Hailey didn’t cry, or whine, or yell at him. In fact she was eerily calm; simply blowing a funnel of smoke his way, gracing him with a few choice words, and then simply walking away. Sure she was annoyed, but not heartbroken.

As for Hailey’s relationship with Abby, there really wasn’t much of one. They shared a class together, and that was pretty much it. Really the only reason she had the girl’s number in her phone was because they had been forced to work with each other on a project earlier in the year and Hailey had been too lazy to delete it afterwards. She hadn’t really given Abby much thought thereafter, until she saw her today in their literature class. She just looked so… pitiful. And for some strange reason, Hailey felt sorry for her.

So, here she was, standing at the door of the girl her Ex- cheated on her with- Not to beat her down, but to beat her out of her slump. After all, they did have at least one thing in common now.
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At first, Abby didn't hear the knocking on her door. After a second time, she finally did and she surmised it wasn't Chris because he had a key to her place..

Hearing the knock again and a muffled voice behind it, she rolled over in bed and stood up slowly. Her phone buzzed and she quickly picked it up...Chris?!

No it wasn't...sighing and sniffling, she saw the text from Hailey.......

"Oh my God...she's here to kick my ass.." Abby thought. What else could she think? She knew that Alex and Hailey were an item but the way Alex had explained it was that they had broken up too.

Man, Abby was so guiliable, it sucked. No wonder she didn't have any real friends in this school, they could see she was a loser...

The knock came again just as Abby reached the door. She took a deep breath before opening it. Seeing Hailey on the other side made Abby brace herself. She took a deep breath, her bottom lip quivering, "Yes Hailey?" She started, her voice shakey as she waited for the barage of words from the pretty girl...
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