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Sex Puppets OOC

I have an idea that I would like to gauge some interest in prior to starting the actual IC thread. It has some twists and turn that I find interesting. To make it interesting for any potential readers I would like to only reveal these events to the person that hopefully will become my co-writer. But here is the basic idea so you can decide if you would like to inquire further.

A married man in his mid-forties has been having an affair with another married woman for about a year. It is purely sexual and neither wish to leave their spouses or for the affair to become public knowledge.

The married man also has a daughter age 21-24 who is a junior or senior in college and is engaged. The wife of the married male is out of town for a week visiting family and daughter is still living at home. Dad and daughter come home from dinner one night to find an envelope under the door addressed to the both of them. Inside are instructions telling them to turn on a computer and log into a strange web address. A username and password is provided.

Curious they do as the note instructs and see a dark image of someone with a synthesized voice. The voice tells the dad that he is the husband of a particular woman he has been having an affair with and quickly cuts to a sex scene in HD of the father and some woman. The view does not allow for identification of the woman but it does allow for complete identification of the dad/husband. It is also clear that it is not his wife however.

The video cuts off and the speaker addresses the daughter this time. After a minute of speech a scene displaying the daughter having sex with a man that is not her soon to be husband but his older brother/father (have not decided) who is married as well.

Both dad and daughter are certainly shocked at this point. The speaker tells them in the morning a package will arrive and they are to sign for it and follow the instructions.

As you can see this will be one about incest or forced incest but not physically forced but through black mail. At first I need one female writer but if it goes well will need to add one more female and possibly two males.

If my poor description confused you but peaked your interest PM me and I will try to explain it better or if not confused but interested please PM as well.
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