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Name: Mindy Smith
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Cup size: 38D


Through the endless urban sprawl of LA, you'd stumble upon my place, surrounded by other upper-middle class folks within our little gated community. Much like my mother, I attended a neat private all-girls high school and much like my father, I sent my applications to every Ivy college in the country. Well, I say that I sent my applications to all this schools as if I had much of a choice in the matter. Truth is, my parents sent them behind my back. I digress...

Ah, whatever.

Look, there's no reason for me to pretend that I'm someone I'm not right? At least, not if the person that I'm talking to is myself. I figured that since my parents are driving me crazy that I should take some time to write into this diary of mine...located right into the deepest part of my laptop's hard drive. Yeah, let's see my mom break the lock to this one! (Oh and if you somehow did, hi mommy.)

Anyway, the reason why I'm writing is because I did something wrong. Actually, fuck it, I didn't do anything wrong...I just did something that if either one of my parents found out, I'd probably be grounded for a year - with my laptop taken away for sure. The point is that I've been feeling uneasy about my life recently and thought that the best outlet would be to write my emotions down and talk to myself about it all.

Okay, so here's the problem; both of my parents are evangelists. Their deeply conservative nature, attitude and doctrine have been the bane of my existence since well, ever. My clothes, despite being an adult, are picked for me - at least, aside from the stash that is hidden in my room. My taste in music is heavily monitored. My friends...well, you get the idea. Truth be told, this room (that thankfully my mom allowed me to decorate to my liking, after graduating at the top of my class) and this computer are the only sanctuary that I have. Online video games, chatrooms, my secret 'tramp stamp' and my friends from across the net are the only things that I have been able to keep from my family for years. I lived a double life and honestly? I'm proud of it.

Whether my parents are away, my biggest thrill is that I dress out of whatever blouse and skirt that my mom chose for me and wear my favorite band shirt, pair of shorts and go on the deepest parts of the internet. I particularly like taking part of chat rooms inhabited with older men and reveal that I'm a lonely eighteen year old girl. That really gets them going.

...And that's as far as I get! Look, I'm still waiting for marriage and I look at dirty pictures for like...a minute or two but my goal was just to tease and flirt around. Alright, so that's a lie. The most that I've done (and this is what has been troubling me thus far) is that I was dancing dirty, after drinking some of my dad's liquor, for a bunch of random strangers on the internet.

I even put my laptop's microphone and speakers on full blast, just so I could hear the catcalls and comments from these lewd, dirty men.

"Shake it baby!"
"Let me see more of that big sexy ass!"
"Fuck yeah!"

And I felt this rush like you wouldn't believe! I went at it for at least half an hour, until I luckily heard my dad's van on the driveway and abruptly closed my laptop and changed my attire. They never suspected anything, as usual, and I went downstairs and said grace before we ate.

So if I got away with it, why did I feel so distraught?

Maybe it could be because that I enjoyed this danger that I'm putting myself into. Maybe I enjoyed the fact that, although slight, there was always the chance that I would get caught and this whole thing would blow up in my face. Maybe I enjoyed the fact that some dirty old man could have saved a picture and is touching himself to it.

And the fact that I enjoyed the thought of these things scares me.

OOC: I'm looking for one very dominant male writer. Basically, I live a good life in upper-class LA but like any rebellious 18 year old, I live a double-life and it eventually blows up in my face. If you'd take the part in this story, you'd play as a much older, crude, perverted man (Around 50 years old) who goes at great lengths to find my real identity and fuck my brains out. PM me interest Thanks!
"Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery."
-Jane Austen
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