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Betrothed to the Enemy (seeking one female)

For many years, war has raged on between the Human and Elven kingdoms, leading to great casualties on both sides. Eventually, hostilities ceased enough for treaty negotiations to commence. It was decided to seal the agreement, the Human son of King Abraham would marry the Elven daughter of King Pantharaasa after she turned eighteen. They would act as Wardens of the Riverlands, which had been disputed territory during the war. This way, both sides jointly controlled it.

I am seeking a female to play my Elven princess. However, both of us are not very fond of the other. She thinks humans are brutish and smelly and unintelligent. He thinks elves are snobby and too full of themselves and devoid of true honor. At first, we can't stand each other, but there is definitely a strong physical attraction. However, despite that, our constant arguments make consummating our marriage hard. Neither of us wanted to be sold off like prized cattle.

We are sent to live in Qaarngard, the largest city in the Riverlands and major port along the massive Qaarnic River. We have a council of advisors to help us manage, but we continue to clash. However, over time, we learn to adore one another. She grows to see the brave, honorable man he is, and he learns there is a deeper kindness and compassion to her. Most human men care only about battle, wine, and sex, but she is intrigued to discover his appreciation for art and literature. Most elven women think severely highly of themselves and turn a blind eye to the troubles of commonfolk, but he is delighted to see her visiting orphans in their city and striving to be a reassuring voice to their people. They both realize they are not defined by their racial stereotypes and develop a strong bond together.

That is only the first part of the story. What comes after is open to discussion, but I was possibly thinking someone breaks the treaty and our fathers declare our marriage void and summon us to return to our respective capitals at once. A few months ago, we both would have happily agreed. But now we have grown to love one another and the idea of being ripped apart by another war is devastating to us.

Perhaps we make a stand and declare that Qaarngard is now an independent city-state and we refuse to bend the knee to either side. Perhaps we each sent a letter to our fathers stating that if any attempt to remove us or harm our marriage follows, we will both kill ourselves. We have a few ways it can unfold .
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