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The big change (closed for onehotwife4u)

I must admit I shared everybody’s big surprise when dad unexpectedly announced us he’s going to marry Julie. We barely saw her a few times and we didn’t know too much about her, either. But Daddy acted like they knew each other since the beginning of time. Or did they?

Of course, I cannot blame him for doing that. My parents divorced 10 years ago, and he didn’t have much time to have a real relationship. Once in a while, he was bringing home a woman, but never twice the same.
Well, since I was a teenager, that was OK for me. But in the last months, it became a real problem for a nicely built 20 year old guy to stay under the same roof with her.
Of course, I was kind of flattered that my friends were drooling after my stepmother’s long legs and very nice face. I couldn’t stop my own eyes to explore the slopes of her boobs.
Well, since I was a teenager, that was OK for me. But in the last months, it became a real problem for a nicely built 20 year old guy to stay under the same roof with her.
Something had to be changed, and it was soon chaanged. Something I didn’t expect…
I looked once again in the bathroom’s large mirror. Before my eyes was a raven haired 5’11 guy with charcoal eyes. Sometimes I was hoping that I would have a big success on the girls, but that was not actually true. Maybe because I was spending too much time in the gym?
“Who cares” I thought, and I put a blue robe on my body before heading to the living room.
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It's morning and your dad is packing for a business trip. He fervently scurries about the house gathering clothing and work material to pack for his week long conference in California. As he finished his packing, I go into the kitchen and begin making breakfast.

Dan, your dad, finishes packing and comes into the kitchen to find me standing at the stove cooking breakfast wearing a thin white cotton robe that falls to about knee level. Placing his omelette on the table, I turn towards the fridge and pour him a glass of juice.

My name is Julie. I am 44 years old. I have blonde hair, green eyes and a well-kept figure. I am 5'8" tall, weigh about 135 pounds. Your dad and I married last year after dating for about six months. At first I was unsure about getting into an "instant family" situation, but over that past months I have grown accustomed to and even comfortable around my new step-son.

The cab rolls up the driveway and honks to signal it's here. Your dad gets up from the table, grabs his bags and gives me a quick kiss on my lips before heading out the door. I say my goodbyes and he apologizes again for having to leave as he gets in the cab. I give him a wave and off he goes to the airport.

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