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To love a death angel (closed)

She had been a runaway... A stray... A mongrel in a city of on purebreds. Not someone anyone would miss. Maybe the old cop that whispered in her ear as he died by her.

She had made her way through the droves of people dragging themselves deep into hell. Finally it was her turn to stand before the tribunal of hell?

Hades... Anubis... The Christian Satan... And a few others scattered around. She smirked as they all rattled off her dark life and family history not that she cared about a word of it. Her soul did not crumble nor cower before them instead it seemed to mock their attempt to scare her. "Days" of torture from each of them only seemed to harden her soul even more till everything she touched froze even in the fires of hell.

Finally standing before all of them again Hades the only one willing to be face to face with her she snapped grabbing him by the throat her eyes burning with fire as sharp white and cold as the ice that threatened to consume him she finally spoke.

Is that all you pathetic pompous "Gods" got?

She woke up in the morgue with a pair if knives bound in blood red gold sheaths and a mark over her chest like a strange tat of a full moon cradled in a crescent moon. Luckily the body bag was open some so she could get out of it. Gaining her balance she heard a male voice yell...

Holy Shit what the hell..

She looked over seeing a cop standing by the body of the old cop she had tried to protect. She watched him step towards her then darkness... She woke again unsure where she was as she looked around.
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