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Question Looking for an Exhibitionist & Voyeur story


I once read what I consider to be one of the best exhibitionism stories ever--but I didn't think to save it!

I thought I'd try my luck on the forums and see if anyone knows... my memory is hazy but I'll try my best.

The story features a woman who goes for a drive through woods, and pulls over at a place where her car is visible from the road and the woods don't start for a bit (a cleared space I guess). She gets out, walks into the woods and sheds her clothing, one item at a time, as she goes deeper.

When she's naked she closes her eyes and has a moment... I think she's either lying down or sitting on a fallen tree/stump. Anyway she opens her eyes and there's a man watching her. I think the story describes him as bearded. They don't speak, he watches for a while.

Then he picks up her clothes and follows the trail of clothing back to her car, and she follows him naked. He reaches the car, places her clothing on top of the car (on the roof) and gets into the passenger side. She gets up the nerve to walk to the car (in the cleared space), and grabs her clothes just as another car drives by and gets into the back seat.

In the back seat she masturbates for him while he watches.

Afterwards I think he takes her panties and leaves. And that's where the story ends.

From memory, it was a two-parter, or two chapters. I think written in the first person, but could have been in the third person.

Anyone know this one?
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