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Trailer sex/ perfect fuckmobile on wheels!

We have a smallish travel trailer that mostly just sits for the use of a visitor who may be passing thru for a night or 2. It's an older rig that I wouldn't want to take on the road any more, so it's unlicensed and mostly unused, but with the dining table converted to a bed and a mid room sofa with a small bedroom separated by a curtain, it could sleep up to 3 couples ...........cozy.
Just for a fun change the other night I suggested to the wife that we have a drink and watch a little porn on the large screen monitor inside the trailer. We were amazed by the furniture arrangement and soon discovered what a great 'fuck mobile' it was with all the padded sofas and beds to accommodate so many sexual positions that we have never tried. Got that old trailer rocking!!
Does anyone else have experience with fucking in a trailer/camper??
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A few weeks ago we bought a smallish housecar, a slender 24-foot class C, our third over the decades. This one is a little different. It sports a full king bed in back. Wow! The prior class-C's sofas folded out into sub-queen-size beds, usable but not really comfortable -- but we're tall people. (We made do somehow, heh heh.) This king bed with a real mattress (memory foam) is awesome. It's been bounced on our shakedown cruises. We'll bounce more around the continent. Catch ya on the bounce, baby!
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I practically grew up in an RV. My dad had a job that provided so much vacation that he always counted it in months instead of weeks. Every summer, and some winters, we would pack a family of 6 into an RV of some sort and explore the nation.

Now that I'm grown, I am on my third RV. The first was a pickup camper, and even though it was a larger model, there wasn't really much room to do the nasty.

My second RV was a 36 foot bus motorhome that I bought for my traveling consulting business. It had a king bed in back and a "conversation pit" style living room in the front. The pit, as we called it, easily converted to a big padded adult playpen. I had 4 different girlfriends join me for sex in the "bus". I also met a woman online and drove to her town where we had stranger on stranger sex in a strip mall parking lot. (let's just say that there was shaving involved and lots of video. And I'm still kicking myself for not backing up that PC.)

The RV I have now is a 27 foot 5th wheel. My wife and I have had several adventures in that unit, and we have actually traveled in it as well. Later this month we are going to baseball spring training, and taking the 5th wheel. A girlfriend of my wife's, whom she had a brief relationship with, is meeting us there and staying with us. I'm hoping to pop my RV threesome cherry this month.
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